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Sony SRS-XB32 Bluetooth speaker review: Flashy lights, fun, amazing sound—and it's waterproof!

Tue, 2019-06-11 06:00
The Sony SRS-XB32 is a fun Bluetooth portable speaker with a nice amount of thump and great overall sound. And its IP67 rating means it's submersible up to three feet.

Fitbit Charge 3 vs Inspire HR: Which advanced fitness tracker is right for you?

Tue, 2019-06-11 06:00
The Fitbit Charge 3 and Inspire HR trackers both offer smartwatch features with fitness and tracking and small grayscale screens. But which one is right for your wrist?

Square Enix's E3 2019 event: Avengers, Dying Light 2, and Final Fantasy games galore

Mon, 2019-06-10 22:20

And finally, the E3 2019 press conferences are over—for us, at least. Sorry Nintendo fans.

It seemed like Square Enix must have quite a bit to show, given it opted to rent a venue and host a real press conference this year, a massive upgrade over last year’s prerecorded trailer reel. Did it? Well, depends on whether you like Final Fantasy, which popped up in Final Fantasy VII remake, Final Fantasy VIII, and Final Fantasy XIV forms, among others.

Aside from that, we got a bit more Dying Light 2 and a first look at Crystal Dynamics’s Avengers, which closed out the show in style. It was a solid, albeit unsurprising, end to a long weekend. Join us as we recap the last few announcements from E3 2019—and stay tuned the rest of the week. E3’s just getting started, and we’ll have plenty of in-depth impressions over the next few days, from Cyberpunk 2077 to Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2, Baldur’s Gate III, and more.

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AMD releases two affordable Navi-based Radeon RX cards and lays out ray tracing plans

Mon, 2019-06-10 22:14

AMD on Monday released its long-awaited Navi GPUs, which it claims are the best 1440p GPUs in their class—and the most affordable, too. 

The Radeon RX 5700 XT will feature 40 compute units with 2,560 stream processors, and mount 8GB of GDDR6 memory using a 256-bit memory bus. That gives the 5700 XT memory bandwidth in the neighborhood of 448GBps. AMD said the 5700 XT features 9.75 TFLOPS of compute performance. The 5700XT has a board power rating of 225 TDP and is powered by a 6-pin GPU and 8-pin GPU plug. More importantly, the Radeon RX 5700 XT will sell for an affordable $449.

AMD’s 2nd Navi-based GPU is the Radeon RX 5700. It features 36 compute units, 2,304 stream processors, and will have 8GB of GDDR6 memory on a 256-bit bus for 448Gps. Its compute performance is rated at 7.95 TFLOPs. The Radeon RX 5700 will go for $379. 

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AMD's Ryzen 9 3950X is a 16-core CPU aiming to topple Intel's gaming dominance

Mon, 2019-06-10 19:26

With the debut of AMD’s 16-core Ryzen 9 3950X, Intel’s slim lead in gaming CPUs could disappear. Announced Monday by AMD CEO Lisa Su at her keynote at E3, the company also claims that its new stack of 7nm-based Ryzen 3000 chips are competitive with Intel’s higher-clocked CPUs in games, and dominant in multi-tasking chores. 

The big news, of course, was the long-awaited, much-whispered Ryzen 9 3950X. During her keynote, Su said the CPU, which will be available in September, features a boost clock of 4.7GHz with a base clock of 3.5GHz. 


It’s finally here! AMD’s Ryzen 9 3950X features 16-cores, 72MB of cache and is built on a 7nm process.

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Ubisoft's biggest E3 2019 announcements: Watch Dogs Legion, Rainbow Six Quarantine, Uplay+

Mon, 2019-06-10 17:22

Ubisoft once again set up at the Orpheum Theater in downtown Los Angeles to show off a broad range of games at E3 2019, from Watch Dogs Legion to unannounced fare like Rainbow Six Quarantine and “small-scope” RPG Gods & Monsters. There’s also a new PC-focused Uplay+ subscription service coming, and a ton of new content for The Division 2.

Let’s dig in.

Watch Dogs Legion

Ubisoft began with arguably its biggest release of 2019, Watch Dogs Legion. We’d already gotten a few details earlier in the week courtesy of leaks, but this was our first time seeing it in action.

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Microsoft adds AI capabilities to PowerApps and Flow to automate business tasks

Mon, 2019-06-10 15:36

Microsoft said Monday that it’s adding intelligence to its Microsoft Flow application as well as PowerApps, giving those apps to see the world—quite literally, in some cases.

While end users are quite familiar with the standard Office apps—Excel, PowerPoint, and Word—Microsoft is trying to encourage end users to adopt PowerApps and Flow. 

Microsoft Flow has been around since 2016 and is the more accessible of the two. It’s essentially Microsoft’s version of the IFTTT tool, allowing users to create their own conditional rules connecting apps and services. “If the temperature climbs above 85 degrees, send my phone a text and turn on the A/C” might be an example of an IFTTT rule. Flow has traditionally been more focused on business processes, such as keeping tabs on inventory.

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Watch the biggest reveals from E3 2019's PC Gaming Show

Mon, 2019-06-10 14:53

Ah, it’s time for not-so-secretly our favorite part of E3 2019. The PC Gaming Show returns for its fifth annual iteration, and with it? A lot of weird games. Per usual, the PC Gaming Show is all about the games you’d never see on another E3 press conference stage, plus a few bigger surprises thrown in—including the first gameplay footage of Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2.

It’s the same rich medley that makes the PC our favorite gaming platform, and we’ve recapped all the biggest announcements here, so you can spare yourself the two-hour runtime. The PC Gaming Show might be exciting, but damn is it long.

Evil Genius 2

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Get a 3 year Private Internet Access subscription for only $60

Mon, 2019-06-10 13:34

Hackers are, at the very least, an annoyance. And that’s why everyone should use a VPN to protect against their antics. But finding one that offers elite features at an affordable price is difficult, which is what makes Private Internet Access VPN so noteworthy.

Private Internet Access VPN offers a fantastic array of features and provides some of the best protection money can buy. And, you won’t have to take out a second mortgage in order to afford it either. You can get three years of protection for only $60 today when you input code WEEKEND25 at checkout.

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Learn how to get certified as a White Hat Hacker for $29

Mon, 2019-06-10 13:31

Cybercrime rates are on the rise. That means that skilled professionals who know how to combat them are in demand. If you want to throw your hat in the ring and kickstart a career in this field, then you'll need to invest in some quality training. The Complete White Hat Hacker Certification Bundle has you covered, and it's on sale for only $29.

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The Apple Magic Keyboard has a rare 32% price cut today, bringing it down to an all-time low

Mon, 2019-06-10 12:46

Even if don't have a MacBook Pro with stuck keys, you could probably use an Apple Magic Keyboard somewhere in your setup. Today, you can grab one on Amazon for just $67.31Remove non-product link, a rare and hefty discount from its $99 list price and the lowest price we've seen.

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Intel challenges AMD's Ryzen 3000 CPUs to take the Core i9-9900K's real-world gaming crown

Mon, 2019-06-10 11:30

It’s really on ya’ll: Intel on Sunday challenged AMD to put up or shut up with its upcoming Ryzen chips in “real world gaming.”

In a media interview the day before AMD’s dedicated E3 event, Intel basically said using content creation benchmarks such as Cinebench is useless to determine gaming performance. And, the company essentially said, if AMD wants to grab the top gaming CPU honors, it needs to prove its mettle.

“If they want this crown come beat us in real world gaming, real world gaming should be the defining criteria that we use to assess the world’s best gaming CPU,” Intel VP Jon Carvill told “I challenge you to challenge anyone that wants to compete for this crown to come meet us in real world gaming. That’s the measure that we’re going to stand by.”

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Razer Respawn: A 'mental performance drink' for people who want to drink Razer's Kool-Aid

Mon, 2019-06-10 11:00

After years of joking about it, Razer’s slow pivot to Spencer’s Gifts lifestyle brand is picking up steam. Just last month Razer announced it was working on an RGB-laden toaster. Now it’s back with “Respawn by Razer,” and no, it’s not a musky cologne for gamers. (You’ll need to turn to Xbox for that.)

Rather, Respawn is a “Mental Performance Drink.” It’s not—let me repeat, not—an energy drink, a fact Razer stressed in pretty much every email it sent on the topic. Maybe they’re skirting some regulations or something, like calling it “Cheese Product” when it doesn’t contain enough dairy to be cheese proper? I’m not sure.

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Google Assistant takes the wheel in Waze to bring hands-free reports and directions

Mon, 2019-06-10 10:45

Google Assistant already helps us out when we’re using the Maps app without taking over our screen or taking our eyes off the road, and now Google is bringing its AI chatbot to Waze too.

Rolling out to Android phones beginning today, Google Assistant will be fully integrated into Waze so users won’t have to tap on their screens to get things done. Many of Waze’s most popular features will be supported, such as reporting traffic jams, calling out potholes, and checking for alternate routes.

When in the Waze app, all you’ll need to do is say, “Hey Google, report traffic” or “Hey Google, avoid tolls” to summon Google Assistant. Waze also uses Google’s new low-profile Assistant interface, so turn-by-turn directions won’t be obstructed.

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Halo Reach on PC plays pretty much like you'd expect (and that's a good thing)

Mon, 2019-06-10 10:35

First, let me say: I asked when Halo: The Master Chief Collection would start to make its way to PC and was told “We’re not talking about that today” by someone at 343 Industries, so there’s your answer. Originally due to begin testing in April, the debut of Halo Reach on PC has been pushed back a few times and is now set to start later in June.

That’s pretty damn close though, and thus as you’d expect there’s a work-in-progress build of Reach on PC here at E3 2019. I had the chance to go hands-on with it yesterday after Microsoft’s press conference, and while there are a few quirks I still came away excited.

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Get ready for summer reading with $50 off our pick for the best luxury Kindle

Mon, 2019-06-10 09:55

The first day of summer is almost upon us, and Amazon doesn’t want you to be without a brand new waterproof kindle for all that beach or poolside reading. Right now, Amazon’s Wi-Fi Kindle Oasis is $200Remove non-product link—a $50 discount off the usual price and the lowest price we've ever seen.

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LG E9 4K OLED smart TV review: The real deal gets brighter

Mon, 2019-06-10 06:00
LG's top-of-the-line 4K OLED remains a velvety, colorful, and now slightly brighter viewing experience.

Bethesda's E3 2019 showcase: Doom Eternal and surprise games steal the spotlight

Sun, 2019-06-09 21:57

It’s unlikely anyone will top Microsoft’s E3 2019 press conference, given it featured not just an onslaught of games but our first details about next-generation console hardware. Bethesda tried to follow it up in style though, with its fifth annual E3 press conference.

And it’s safe to say they had a lot to prove, coming off the backs of two high-profile games that flopped with critics and players alike, Rage 2 and Fallout 76. With Starfield and Elder Scrolls VI still years away, what could Bethesda possibly fill the time with?

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Microsoft's Xbox E3 2019 reveals: Watch all the major game announcements here

Sun, 2019-06-09 18:05

E3 2019 starts with its strongest foot forward this year. The next two days will play host to many more press conferences, from Bethesda and Ubisoft and Square Enix and more, but all eyes were on Microsoft headed into this event. Why? Because Sony skipped this E3, and this is the year Microsoft talks about its next-gen consoles.

Microsoft didn't reveal much about "Project Scarlett," the next-generation Xbox hardware, though it provided some tantalizing hardware teases and a holiday 2020 release date. We've broken that information out into a separate article about Project Scarlett and xCloud, Microsoft's game-streaming service. And before the show kicked off, the company released Xbox Games Pass for PC for $10 per month, though it's debuting at a mere $5 per month.

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Microsoft's next-gen Xbox 'Project Scarlett' console packs Ryzen, Radeon Navi, SSDs, and ray-tracing

Sun, 2019-06-09 17:55

Six years after the infamously terrible reveal of the Xbox One, Microsoft has somewhat redeemed itself. Today at Microsoft’s E3 2019 press conference, Phil Spencer detailed the plans for its upcoming next-gen Xbox console, “Project Scarlett,” a traditional high-end box that will live alongside Microsoft’s Project xCloud streaming service. Project xCloud is due later this year, while you’ll need to wait until holiday 2020 for Scarlett, as expected.

Let’s break it down. If you’re curious about the games revealed at Microsoft’s showcase, we split those out into a separate article, complete with trailers for all the major announcements.

Project Scarlett next-gen Xbox

“We believe a console should be for one thing: Gaming.” That was Phil Spencer as he started discussing the next generation Xbox, a pointed change of direction for the company that wanted to be in all things entertainment when the Xbox One launched six years ago. No scope creep here, no mixed messages. Project Scarlett is about games.

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