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Updated: 1 min 58 sec ago

Boost your storage with these great deals on giant portable flash drives

2 hours 43 min ago

Flash drives keep cramming more and more storage capacity into their pint-sized, portable packages, and right now there are a couple of deals to get you a ton of space for very low prices.

If your devices support USB Type-C, SanDisk’s Ultra Dual Drive is the deal for you. The one on offer packs a huge 256GB of capacity for $65, its lowest price ever on Amazon. It comes with two plugin ends; one is a USB Type-C connector and the other is a traditional USB, so you’ll be able to transfer files between different types of devices easily at speeds up to 159MB/s. It also gives you access to the SanDisk Memory Zone app, which helps you manage device memory in the cloud. And while we haven’t tried this particular flash drive, its 4.1 stars out of 5 with almost 600 Amazon user reviews shows that this is a winner.

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13-inch MacBook Pro battery replacement program FAQ: What it is and how to use it

2 hours 56 min ago
Apple has launched a battery replacement program for some non-Touch Bar model of the 13-inch MacBook Pro. Here's how to find out if your model is affected and how to get it replaced.

The Full Nerd episode 48: 2nd-gen Ryzen review, AMD vs. Nvidia's GeForce Partner Program

3 hours 41 min ago

In this episode of the Full Nerd, Gordon Mah UngBrad Chacos, Alaina Yee, and Adam Patrick Murray talk new AMD hardware, and newly named AMD hardware.

First up: Impressions from our 2nd-gen Ryzen processor review, which hit the streets Thursday. The small tweaks and upgrades add up to a much more well-rounded chip than first-gen Ryzen. And it goes blow-for-blow with Intel’s flagship Core i7-8700K too. As we said in our final verdict of the Ryzen 7 2700X, “Higher clock speeds and a massive multi-threading advantage push AMD’s CPU performance to new highs. The bundled Wraith Prism cooler and overall polish push it over the top. In the battle of Intel and AMD’s flagship processors, the clear winner today is the Ryzen 7 2700X.”

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Get a RavPower Qi wireless charger for $9 today, the cheapest we've seen it

4 hours 14 min ago

Qi wireless charging is magic. You plop your Qi-compatible phone on a charging pad and wait for the device to power up. It's so much simpler than plugging in a power cord, and today you can get that easy charging for less than $10.

Amazon's selling the RavPower Standard Qi Wireless Charging Pad for $9 as its Deal of the Day. It's been hovering around $15 recently, but this is the charger's all time low.

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Lenovo Tab 4 8 Plus and Home Assistant Pack review: A middling tablet is a poor Alexa speaker

6 hours 47 min ago

It's safe to say that Android tablets will never be a thing. It's safer to say the Lenovo Tab 4 8 Plus and the Home Assistant Pack will never replace anyone's Echo home speaker.

It's hard to figure out Lenovo's strategy here. While Apple has carved out a nice niche with the iPad, and Chromebook makers are beginning to experiment with keyboard-less models, Android-based tablets never really caught on with fans of the platform who were content with using their larger-screened phones to get things done.

But Lenovo has nonetheless plugged away with making tablets, most recently with the Tab 4 8 Plus. Breaking down the unwieldly name, this is the fourth-generation of Lenovo's Tab line, with an 8-inch 1920 x 1200 display. Otherwise the specs are decidedly less than plus-sized:

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Cyberlink PowerDVD 18 Ultra review: Still the best, and now a little bit better

7 hours 17 min ago
There is no higher-quality video player available for Windows. It's a bit pricey, but PowerDVD Ultra is also the only software that can play Ultra HD Blu-ray discs on your computer.

CloudBerry Backup review: Back up anything to just about anywhere

7 hours 17 min ago

CloudBerry Backup is uniquely versatile backup program that covers just about any mixed storage scenario. Have some data on OneDrive that you want to back up to Google Drive? CloudBerry can do that. Want to back up the data from your Documents folder to BackBlaze and your home NAS box? Easy-peasy. From your PC to an external hard drive as well as Google drive? No big deal. CloudBerry’s scope is truly dizzying.

Alas, the language, concepts, and sheer number of options can be dizzying for non-IT types, and you’ll need to spend at least $120 to acquire disaster recovery features. The good news? There’s a free version that takes care of the cloud and local backup basics.

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The Elder Scrolls Online's Summerset expansion doesn't shy from the dark sides of elves

Sat, 2018-04-21 07:00

The first chap I meet in the Summerset Isles is an elf with a Sean Penn face who gripes about how he’s missing out on a wine tasting because some local Wood Elves “offed” the vintner, because of course. This, after all, is the closed beta for The Elder Scrolls Online’s Summerset expansion ($40 on Amazon), which whisks us off to the ancestral homes of the High Elves, a magical land crammed with haughty wizards, Neuschwanstein-like villas, and flora that likely would have been at home in Eden. Whatever. This dude just wants his wine, and I can appreciate that.

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Microsoft nudges Xbox One towards PC monitors with 120Hz display support

Fri, 2018-04-20 17:12

Microsoft continued its gradual push toward making the Xbox One more like PCs by announcing it will soon support compatible 120Hz displays for its game console platform.

The new additions will be added within the coming weeks, Microsoft said in a blog post on Friday. Microsoft also added a number of UI improvements, including the ability to group games. They’ll all be rolled out first to members of the Xbox Insiders program, then to the general public at a later date.

Friday’s announcement complements its March update, when Microsoft announced a number of improvements designed to enhance the Xbox One experience when playing on PC-caliber displays and TVs.

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Q Acoustics' all-new 3000i speaker lineup promises to extend the company's bang-for-the-buck hi-fi tradition

Fri, 2018-04-20 12:55
Refinement, not revolution, takes center stage in this redesign.

This week in games: Call of Duty and Battlefield bound for battle royale, Shenmue comes to PC

Fri, 2018-04-20 12:12

We are well and truly in the grips of the battle royale era at this point, with rumors this week pegging a PUBG-style mode coming to both Call of Duty and Battlefield in the fall. At this point the question’s not whether we see a new battle royale game at E3, it’s how many we see.

That news, plus a trailer for an IKEA-builder game, a first glimpse of the next Cities: Skylines expansion, Shenmue’s long-awaited arrival on PC, a Serious Sam 4 tease, and Amazon’s robot-lady acting as your “personal Call of Duty coach.”

This is gaming news for April 16 to 20.

Cyberpunk 2015

Humble’s habitually giving away games nearly every weekend it seems, and the trend continues this week with Satellite Reign. A blend of real-time tactics game and open-world adventure, it was intended as a successor to Syndicatethe original isometric one from the ‘90s, not the 2012 reboot.

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Try out Alexa's new custom skills with this great deal on an Echo Dot

Fri, 2018-04-20 11:44

Amazon announced Alexa Blueprints this week, a new skill that lets you create custom responses and commands for your smart speaker. But you need an Echo to try them out. At $50, the Echo Dot is already the cheapest Alexa speaker you can buy, and right now it’s even cheaper: Newegg is selling the Echo Dot for $39.99 and they're even throwing in  promotional $10 gift card.

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Water-cooling specialist EKWB starts selling complete custom gaming PCs

Fri, 2018-04-20 11:21

People often turn to boutique PC builders like Maingear, Digital Storm, Falcon Northwest, and Origin PC when they want a badass, over-the-top, liquid-cooled beast of a system, but don’t want to worry about cutting tubes and tightening fittings themselves. The newest entrant in the custom desktop landscape practically wrote the book on extreme cooling. EK Water Blocks, the creator of custom liquid-cooling hardware beloved by enthusiasts around the globe, announced on Friday that it’s now selling full PCs dubbed EK Fluid Gaming Systems.

The timing’s no coincidence. Every EK Fluid Gaming System relies on the potent AMD 2nd-gen Ryzen CPUs released yesterday—either the Ryzen 5 2600 or Ryzen 7 2700X, more specifically. No Intel chips are on offer.

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Get 65 Hours of Salesforce Training For $29.99

Fri, 2018-04-20 10:46

Whether you're an administrator, sales professional, developer, or marketer, you too can become a mover and shaker—especially if you learn your skills from Salesforce. And right now there's a terrific collection of courses on sale—and then some—in the Salesforce Trailblazer Bundle. Until now, if you bought each course separately, you'd pay about $910, but for a limited time, when you purchase all eight courses in the bundle, the price is a mere $29.99. That's 96% off retail.

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I don't care if Google's Chat for Android is an inferior version of Apple iMessage, I want it now

Fri, 2018-04-20 10:00

Ever since I became a phone reviewer, my messages have been a mess. When I switch from an iPhone to an Android one, I need to remember to turn off iMessage on all of my devices lest I miss a blue bubble that sneaks through. And any conversations I was having on my iPhone are effectively over when I switch, since nothing carries over between operating systems.

It’s not much better when switching between Android phones. Android Messages doesn’t sync or restore your texts between phones, no one uses Allo, and third-party apps can be wonky. I’ve taken to using Pulse to keep my conversations synced across numerous phones and devices, but I still need to be careful when I switch SIMs since it’s not technically designed for multiple handsets. On more than one occasion, I’ve blown up my conversation history and needed to start over.

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Acer and Dell gaming laptops drop to ludicrously low prices to clear way for Intel 8th-gen CPUs

Fri, 2018-04-20 09:58

Intel’s new 8th-gen mobile gaming processors are here, and you know what that means: A fresh generation of gaming laptops! But that’s not all. As we’ve been preaching on PCWorld’s Full Nerd podcast, new hardware means deep discounts on existing stock, and it’s a stellar time to buy a 7th-gen laptop at prices previously considered ludicrous.

Case in point: Newegg is selling the Acer Nitro 5 for just $699.99. And Dell's still offering a GTX 1060-equipped laptop at a borderline unheard-of price.

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SkylinkNet Alarm System Starter Kit Plus review: Built by techies, for techies

Fri, 2018-04-20 07:00
It’s short on handholding, but SkylinkNet’s SK-250 kit is a good-enough security offering (though not recommended for beginners).

PlayStation Now for PC is the surprise OnLive replacement I didn't know I wanted

Fri, 2018-04-20 06:30

The new God of War releases this week, and by all accounts it’s fantastic. So fantastic in fact that last week I bought the God of War Saga Collection for PlayStation 3, wanting to play through the original Gods of War again (and III for the first time) before delving into the new one. And all that would’ve been just a fun little detour for me, given the fact they’re PlayStation exclusives and thus not fodder for PCWorld.

Faced with the prospect of hooking up a PS3 though, I suddenly thought “Wait...aren’t those games available on PCs via PlayStation Now?”

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Astell&Kern Kann review: This high-resolution digital audio player delivers sweet sound, but with a steep price tag

Fri, 2018-04-20 06:00
An intoxicating sonic experience from a hi-res audio player that's as heavy as it is expensive.

How to create private Alexa skills without code

Thu, 2018-04-19 14:26
Amazon's Alexa Skills Blueprints let anyone with an Alexa device make household skills.