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Tim Cook on Apple’s values, regulation, excessive phone use, health, and more

Tue, 2019-04-23 17:39

Tim Cook is not one of Time’s 100 most influential people of 2019. Nonetheless, as a three-time honoree of that list, he was invited to be interviewed by Nancy Gibbs at the Time 100 Summit. As expected, Cook didn’t reveal any details about new products, software, or services. Instead, the questions posed and answers given were broad, touching on Cook’s and Apple’s values and how technology fits into the world we live in.

Here’s some of what he said about a variety of issues. Quotes have been lightly edited for clarity.

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Best smart sprinkler controller

Tue, 2019-04-23 15:05
Whether you’re motivated by water conservation, saving money, a drive to render every aspect of your home smart, or all the above, a smart irrigation controller will scratch that itch.

iOS 13 rumors: Everything you need to know

Tue, 2019-04-23 14:00

Like clockwork, Apple releases a major revision of iOS every year. The company formally unveils the new operating system for iPhone and iPad at WWDC in June, followed by a beta testing period and then a final release in the fall (typically in September, just before the new iPhones hit the shelves).

One never really knows exactly what new features and design changes Apple will bring until the company gets on stage at WWDC, but the rumor mill churns early and often. After all, iOS is one of the widest-used and most influential consumer operating systems in the world. We have our own wishlist of iOS 13 features, but we’ve also collected all the rumors about iOS 13 here.

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Get a refurbished 2018 15-inch MacBook Pro for more than $500 off the retail price

Tue, 2019-04-23 13:40

Apple’s 15-inch MacBook Pros are powerful machines, but they also tend to pack a powerful punch to your wallet. Today, though, Amazon’s Woot site is softening that blow by offering a certified refurbished 2018 256GB 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch BarRemove non-product link for as little as $1,879.99, down $519 from the original price of $2,399. For only $100 more, you can bump up to the 512GB model.

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Amazon drops the price of the Orbi Wall-Plug Wi-Fi System with two satellites to $200 today

Tue, 2019-04-23 12:20
Blanket your home in Wi-Fi without wires with this fantastic deal on the Orbi Wall-Plug Wi-Fi System.

Three ways to add an address, even if you already have one

Tue, 2019-04-23 08:00

Apple gives email addresses away at no cost, but it’s not always obvious how to obtain one by itself or add one to an existing Apple ID account, or how to get additional addresses if you already have one at

But there are three paths, which vary by what you already have and what you want.

  • If you have an Apple ID without an associated address, you can add one (via iOS or macOS).

  • If you have an address already, you can add aliases (via

  • If you want a separate address for email that isn’t an alias, you can create one by creating an Apple ID account (via macOS).

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Keychron K1 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard review: Mechanical magic beats backlit butterfly

Tue, 2019-04-23 07:00

The Keychron K1 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard may as well be the anti-butterfly keyboard. It’s thicker than Apple’s MacBook and Magic Keyboard. It has wild RGB lighting. It has an 87- or 104-key layout. And most importantly, its keys don’t get stuck.

I’ve been using the Keychron K1 Mechanical Keyboard with my MacBook Pro for a couple of months and it’s hard to switch back. I’m not generally a fan of the clickity-clack noise that mechanical keys make, but the Keychron K1 made me a believer in Blue switches. I imagine that in a quiet office I’d get a few dirty looks, but I actually grew to like the sound. Typing on it is way more pleasurable than the cramped and noisy MacBook keyboard, and its function row is inherently more useful that the Touch Bar.

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Igloohome Smart Deadbolt 2S review: The industry’s most handsome lock remains the most aggravating to install

Tue, 2019-04-23 06:00
The smart lock maker shrinks down its beautiful deadbolt, but it remains a frustrating experience.

Thought experiments: Different bars for Samsung and Apple

Tue, 2019-04-23 06:00

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that Apple is behind on innovation. Let’s look at one innovation in particular that we’ve heard a lot about recently. That is…

[checks notes]

…incredibly fragile folding screens that can break after just a day.

Yes, that big innovation that was all the rage just a few weeks ago turns out to be kind of not great when put into use.

“My Samsung Galaxy Fold screen broke after just a day.”

Well, is $1,900 a day too much to pay for the future?

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Big changes to Siri, Marzipan, AR, and more could dramatically change the Apple ecosystem

Mon, 2019-04-22 17:35

A fascinating report at 9to5Mac offers a sneak peek at some of the announcements Apple has in store for developers at WWDC in June. Previous reports have focused on changes coming to iOS 13 and macOS 10.15, but this leak is all about the tools developers use to make apps and services on Apple’s platforms. If they prove true, it could mean a big improvement in the way we use our iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

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Get an Apple Watch Series 3 from Amazon for just $199

Mon, 2019-04-22 13:08

If you want an Apple Watch but don’t want to spend a mountain of cash, then you should head over to Amazon and pick up one of the 38mm Apple Watch Series 3 models with GPS that it’s selling for a mere $199, down $80 from the normal price of $279. That’s a match of the lowest price we’ve ever seen on Amazon, and it’s been about a month since it was listed at that price. You can also get the 42mm model for an $80 discount.

I don’t think you’ll be missing out on much if you buy the Series 3 instead of the Series 4. I personally still use a Series 3, and I find it’s fast and capable, although I do sometimes envy cosmetic features such as the Series 4’s slightly larger display and its custom watch faces. You also won’t have access to some of the cooler health features of the Series 3, such as the built-in ECG and the fall detection sensor.

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Amazon has slashed this Photoshop and Premiere Elements 2019 bundle to just $100

Mon, 2019-04-22 12:01

Editing photos and videos can be complicated, and the best tools can get a extremely pricey. Today, though, you can grab your own PC or Mac downloads of Photoshop Elements 2019 and Premiere Elements 2019 for $100 on AmazonRemove non-product link, down from a list price of $150.

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Samsung reportedly pushes back Galaxy Fold until ‘at least next month’ following poor reviews

Mon, 2019-04-22 11:47
After several poor reviews and broken devices, Samsung has reportedly decided to delay the launch of the Galaxy Fold originally planned for Friday, April 26.

Bowers & Wilkins announces its Formation Suite, a very high-end wireless multi-room audio system

Mon, 2019-04-22 08:15
The all-new mesh wireless system streams audio with up to 24-bit resolution and at sampling rates as high as 96kHz, but it also supports AirPlay 2 and Bluetooth.

How to scan documents and make PDFs using Notes on your iPhone or iPad

Mon, 2019-04-22 07:00

Sometimes, you need to turn a piece of paper into a digital file. Maybe you need to include a receipt, registration, or other form of proof in an online form. Or, you want keep copies of your important documents in the cloud, so they’re always accessible and safe from being lost or destroyed. Such documents are often digitized as Portable Document Format files, or PDFs.

It used to be that you needed to use either dedicated hardware or a third-party iPhone app to take a photo of a document and convert it to PDF. In iOS 11, Apple added a very handy document scanner into the Notes app, and it does a surprisingly good job of capturing most documents and converting them to PDF. Because it’s not very obvious, you’d be forgiven for not even knowing it exists. Here’s how you scan, convert, and store documents with Notes.

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10 augmented reality apps for iPhone and iPad you should be using right now

Mon, 2019-04-22 06:00

Apple wants us to believe that augmented reality will be a transformative technology. I want to believe it. It sure as heck feels like it has better potential than virtual reality, which still strikes me as little more than a means of escaping the world by sticking your eyes to a sweaty box. AR, though, can add wonder to the mundane. It can provide information at a glance that we could otherwise only guess at (especially when Google Lens finally makes a full debut on the iPhone). And yes, in some cases, it can even make the world more fun.

But even in its flashiest keynotes, Apple struggles to show us any compelling reason why we should embrace AR technology now. With that in mind, here's a list of AR apps from the App Store that best show what AR technology is currently capable of, and how it’s evolved from the simplistic days of Pokémon Go. Whether you want to learn how to waltz or feed donuts to mythological creatures, you’ll find something to like here.

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Best Buy is selling a 10TB WD external drive for an insane $160 today

Fri, 2019-04-19 15:10

External hard drives have been steadily dropping for months, but this deal is one of the best we've ever seen: Best Buy is selling a 10TB WD Easystore hard drive for just $160Remove non-product link, down from a list price of $300 and just $0.016 cents a gig.

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It’s about time! Siri in macOS 10.15 might finally be able to properly set alarms and timers

Fri, 2019-04-19 11:34

After unveiling some of the major new features expected in iOS 13 earlier this week, Guilherme Rambo of 9to5Mac is back with a report on macOS 10.15—and it looks like it might be a substantial upgrade. While we learned earlier this week that Apple was reportedly developing a way to allow Mac users to use their iPads as a secondary display, Friday’s rumor dump lays out several more ways Apple is planning to merge the iOS and macOS platforms.

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When iTunes says to “restore your iPhone,” do you have to?

Fri, 2019-04-19 08:00

You have a perfectly functioning iPhone and you plug it via USB to a Mac. When you switch to iTunes, you see the message:

iTunes cannot read the contents of the iPhone “phone name”. Go to the Summary tab in iPhone preferences and click Restore to restore this iPhone to factory settings.

Depending on how recent your last iTunes or iCloud backup of your device is, this might be a little panic inducing. Do you really need to restore your phone?

It’s unlikely. I and others have routinely experienced a bug in which this message appears even when our iPhones (and iPads) are perfectly fine. The solution is extremely simple: quit iTunes and relaunch it. If that transient bug is what you’re experiencing, iTunes now properly recognizes your iOS device.

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WatchOS 6 wishlist: 6 features to take Apple Watch to the next level

Fri, 2019-04-19 07:00

The Apple Watch is the most popular watch in the world, and the most popular fitness tracker, and the most popular wearable. It’s bigger now than the iPod ever was, and growing steadily.

As great as the Apple Watch already is, there are obvious avenues for improvement. Some of the things we all want, like multi-day battery life, will surely require new hardware. But many of our desires could be fulfilled in a new version of watchOS. As Apple gears up to talk about the new features of watchOS at this year’s WWDC in June, here are some of the features I hope watchOS 6 brings to the table.

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