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20 offbeat Christmas movies for streaming

Thu, 2018-12-20 12:48
These 20 off-kilter streaming movies tip a hat to the holidays while catering to a non-traditional sensibility.

Have yourself a streaming little Christmas

Thu, 2018-12-20 12:20
18 classic, heartwarming holiday favorites to make the season bright.

Looking for an affordable last minute gift? Amazon's Fire HD 8 tablet is on sale for $50

Thu, 2018-12-20 10:46
Amazon's Fire HD 8 tablet is worthwhile at its normal $80 price. At $50, it makes for an awesome last-minute gift.

8BitDo N30 Pro 2 review: Compact size and cool effects highlight a mostly minor update

Thu, 2018-12-20 08:00
The 8BitDo N30 Pro 2 is a nice option for those who prefer a super-small form factor and cool lighting, but I'd recommend the SN30 Pro because of its larger sticks and thicker frame.

How to set up a Mac and macOS to take advantage of an SSD and external storage setup

Thu, 2018-12-20 08:00

While they offer fast speeds, solid-state drives (SSDs) are still pricey, and your costs can suddenly increase if you want to boost the storage when buying a Mac mini or an iMac. However, both Macs support high-performance USB 3 and Thunderbolt 3, and you can use this help offset the costs of getting more storage.

If the prices for high-capacity SSD upgrades for the Mac mini and iMac make you balk, you can get a more affordable external USB 3 or Thunderbolt 3 hard drive. Then, to get the most out of the speed of the SSD in the Mac mini or iMac, you can split your system and apps to one drive, and your user files to another.

With a Mac mini, the two standard configurations come with a 128GB or 256GB SSD, which you use to storage macOS. Then you attach a high-capacity external drive (SSD, hybrid, or even a fast hard drive) for your user files, which would include music and photos.

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Everything stinks: iPhones are the worst

Thu, 2018-12-20 07:00

We’re approaching the end of 2018 so it’s time now to list all the ways Apple has done us wrong all year long. Sadly, no one has yet had the gumption to make one of these list into a country-western song. Think outside the yearly complaints list box, pundits!

Writing for Gizmodo, Sam Rutherford has some complaints.

“It's 2018, and the iPhone Is Still Super Annoying.” (Tip o’ the antlers to Peter and Dawnson.)

Lording atop its portfolio like some kind of $1,000 crown jewel…

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The best traditional Christmas movies for streaming

Thu, 2018-12-20 06:00
From old classics to modern favorites, these 12 Christmas movies offer good tidings and cheer for all ages.

Untangling the web of streaming TV voice controls

Thu, 2018-12-20 06:00
Streaming TV devices and voice control: What works, what doesn't.

The best iPhone and iPad games of 2018

Thu, 2018-12-20 06:00
The best iOS games of 2018

Image by Epic Games

People on social media enjoy saying 2018 was an awful year, but you’d never be able to tell it from the amazing selection of games that came to the iPhone and iPad. It was a year filled with fresh incarnations of old favorites, such as The Room: Old Sins, Alto’s Odyssey, and Reigns: Game of Thrones. But there were also surprises, such as Fortnite and its almost unbelievably effective port of its Mac and console counterparts. It was a year of art, of action, and optimism for the future of iOS as a gaming platform. From a pool of many worthy contenders, these games stand out ahead of all the rest.

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Macworld's January Digital Magazine: Up close with Apple's new MacBook Air

Wed, 2018-12-19 19:08

Every day, Macworld brings you the essential daily news and other info about all things Apple. But staying on top of that torrent of information can be a constant challenge. One solution: the Macworld digital magazine. 

In the January issue

In the January issue you can read our review of the new MacBook Air. Is it really just an enlarged 12-inch MacBook? We also review the $799 Mac mini. Find out if this affordable Mac is also one of Apple's faster desktop models.

In this month’s issue:

• MacUser: 13-inch MacBook Pro SSD service program FAQ

• MacUser Reviews: Adobe Premiere Elements 2019, Elder Scrolls Online: Murkmire

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Best smart speakers: Which deliver the best combination of digital assistant and audio performance?

Wed, 2018-12-19 16:58
With models based on Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana, and others to come, we’ll help you find just the right model for you.

Amazon's awesome new waterproof Kindle Paperwhite is on sale for $100, its lowest price yet

Wed, 2018-12-19 11:35
The 2018 Kindle Paperwhite is the best Kindle you can buy, and now it's cheaper than ever.

Apple's newest iPad is $100 off at Walmart

Wed, 2018-12-19 09:17

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your pokey older iPad, today’s the day. Walmart is selling the latest version of the 32GB Wi-Fi iPad for $230Remove non-product link. That’s $40 cheaper than Best Buy’s current price and a whopping $100 off the Apple Store price. You probably won’t find a better deal before Christmas. 

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Sony SRS-XB501G smart speaker review: Now you can take Google Assistant to your next rave

Wed, 2018-12-19 06:00
Sony's battery-powered outdoor speaker has it all: Google Assistant, Chromecast, Bluetooth, and multi-colored LED light bars.

What came true and what didn’t for Apple in 2018

Wed, 2018-12-19 06:00

Here we are, another 525,600 minutes gone by, and it’s time for an annual look into the crystal ball to try and catch a glimpse of the things I’d like to see from Apple in 2018. But before we unpack a nice, fresh crystal ball, it’s time to take this grimy old crystal ball and smash it into a million pieces.

Or to put it another way, this is my annual opportunity to review my hopes and dreams for the Mac and the iPhone and iPad in 2017 and see which ones came true in 2018—and which ones were crushed flat by the steamroller of fate.

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Macworld Podcast: Join us on Wednesday, Dec. 19, at 10 a.m. Pacific

Tue, 2018-12-18 16:00

What will happen next year? Let’s talk about predictions for Apple and technology in 2019. We also respond to your comments and questions for Jason Cross, Leif Johnson, Roman Loyola, and Dan Masaoka in the Macworld Podcast, episode 634.

Watch us live

The Macworld Podcast broadcasts live on the internet on Wednesdays at 10 a.m. Pacific. You can watch on Twitter via Periscope or on the Macworld YouTube channel.

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Last year’s 12.9-inch iPad Pro with cellular is on sale for the lowest price we’ve ever seen

Tue, 2018-12-18 13:37

The new iPad Pros are impressive, but last year’s model is certainly no slouch. And at least for today, it’s also massively cheaper. Currently B&H is selling the 2017 64GB 12.9-inch iPad Pro with Wi-Fi and CellularRemove non-product link for a mere $599, which amounts to a whopping $330 off the retail price. That’s also the lowest price we’ve ever seen for an unused model.

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This huge 58-inch 4K TV with Roku and HDR built-in is on sale for $350

Tue, 2018-12-18 11:36

TVs that check all the boxes can cost an arm and a leg, but today, you can grab a big, feature-laden smart set for cheap. Best Buy is selling a 58-inch Sharp TV with Roku for $350Remove non-product link, down from a list price of $550.

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Save Over 80% On A Lifetime Of WhiteSmoke Premium Spelling & Grammar Editor

Tue, 2018-12-18 10:59

Writing is one of the most effective forms of communication, and whether you’re a college student finishing a term paper or a published journalist drafting an article, a well-polished document will communicate your point best. However, even the best writers fall victim to spelling and grammatical errors, and you can avoid these mishaps with a subscription to WhiteSmoke Writing Assistant, which you can buy for as low as $19.

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How to submit corrections for Apple Maps labels

Tue, 2018-12-18 07:00

Apple synthesizes a lot of geographic data to produce the streets, features, and labels on its maps. The Maps app in iOS and macOS is exhaustive, but not always correct.

(This is contrary to the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, which maintains, “where it is inaccurate it is at least definitively inaccurate. In cases of major discrepancy it’s always reality that’s got it wrong.”)

If you find an errant label, such as your city or region mislabeled, an incorrect street name, or other details, Apple does let you report it, though you may have not realized you could.

How to Report an Issue in iOS Maps

In Maps for iOS, tap the info (i in a circle) button in any view, then tap Report an Issue. You can pick the kind of issue you want, like Map Labels, select the errant data from a map that appears, tap Next, and finally fill out a description of what’s wrong.

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