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Best VPN services: Reviews and buying advice for Mac users

Wed, 2019-03-27 17:02

With the internet abuzz with privacy concerns and the potential changes coming to net neutrality, you’ve likely heard about virtual private networks, better known as VPNs. When used correctly, a VPN can greatly strengthen your online privacy, assist in keeping your personal information secure, and even spoof your location in the world—allowing you to access websites or services that would otherwise be off limits due to region-locking.

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Iris Smart Hub (2017) review: Lowe’s offers an affordable smart-home system for the hacker mindset

Wed, 2019-03-27 14:27
A new professional monitoring option puts the focus squarely on security.

Apple releases iOS 12.3 beta to developers with new TV app

Wed, 2019-03-27 14:17

Apple’s “It’s show time” event on March 25 revealed a number of new services, most of which aren’t available yet. One of them, Apple News+, released immediately along with the update to iOS 12.2.

Just days later, the company released the first developer beta of iOS 12.3, which prepares for a major update to the TV app in May. 

Those who are part of Apple's developer program can register a device for developer betas by heading to Those who are not in the developer program can register their devices for public beta releases by visiting while using the device on which they wish to run the beta software. While many beta releases are stable and even include new bug fixes, we suggest you do not run beta releases on your primary device.

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Save hundreds of bucks on MacBooks and iPad Pros with Best Buy's 24-hour sale

Wed, 2019-03-27 13:58

If you’ve been looking for a good deal on a MacBook or the latest iPad Pros, you should head over to Best Buy and check out its 24-hour Flash SaleRemove non-product link. You’ll find plenty of other products on sale as well.

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The Garmin Vivoactive 3 has built-in GPS and a weeklong battery life, and it's only $200 today

Wed, 2019-03-27 11:47

Smartwatches that blend the exercise-tracking capabilities of fitness bands with the functionality of a phone can help you keep tabs on many elements of your life—but they can get pretty pricey. Today, though, you can grab the Garmin vivoactive 3 GPS smartwatch for $200 on Amazon in the black with slate color, down from a list price of $280 and by far the lowest we’ve seen it.

This smartwatch is packed with features, most notably built-in GPS. A long battery life—up to a week in regular smartwatch mode and up to 13 hours in GPS mode—means you can keep the Garmin vivoactive 3 going without needing to constantly recharge. And that GPS tracking is just one of a whole lineup of sports-related features, including sport-specific apps, stress tracking, fitness age estimates, and more. Additionally, Garmin Pay allows you to use your watch like a contactless credit card, with a tap-to-pay set-up. The face of the watch is customizable to match your style, while a connected notification system lets you see your messages and other notifications right on the watch face (as you’d expect in a smartwatch). 

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Apple Card FAQ: Interest rates, rewards, sign-up and everything else you need to know

Wed, 2019-03-27 11:42

Among the TV shows, magazines, and games services unveiled at Apple’s “Show time” event was a surprise entry into a category that couldn’t be further outside Apple’s wheelhouse: a credit card. Dubbed Apple Card, it’s not a traditional plastic credit card that gives you points on things you buy. Rather, it’s a whole new way to shop online and offline. Here’s everything you need to know about it:

What is the Apple Card?

The Apple Card is an Apple-branded credit card from MasterCard. Unlike the current Barclaycard Visa with Apple Rewards, which is a partner card, the Apple Card is owned and operated by Apple.

When will it be available?

Apple says the Apple Card will be available this summer.

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Get A Lifetime Of Tech Training From Stone River For Just $50

Wed, 2019-03-27 10:05

No matter how old we get, we will always have the opportunity to learn something new, whether it’s to transfer to a different field or pick up a new hobby. However, many feel that the only way to learn something new is by going back to school. Luckily, a service like Stone River eLearning lets you learn at your own pace from the comfort of your home, and lifetime memberships are on sale for $59.

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Vivaldi 2.4 enhances the browser's tab wizardry

Wed, 2019-03-27 09:16
Vivaldi has a reputation for being an extremely configurable browser, and it's even more flexible with release 2.4 and its icon and tab rearranging.

Amazon's Fire HD 8 and 10 tablets have never been cheaper for Prime members

Wed, 2019-03-27 09:01
Amazon's selling the Fire HD 10 for $100 and the Fire HD 8 for $50 for Prime members right now.

TurboTax vs. H&R Block 2019: Which is the best tax software?

Wed, 2019-03-27 06:30

If you’ve been procrastinating on your taxes, we understand. Part of the challenge is deciding which tax preparer to trust with this annual chore. To help, we pitted two of the best web-based tax-filing applications against each other: TurboTax and H&R Block.

When we reviewed the 2019 versions of popular tax software, these two options finished at the top of the pile. Each offers excellent features and capabilities, clear user interfaces that are easy to understand, and collections of features that most tax filers need. But a few differences give each an edge depending on the situation.

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Can Apple's product expertise make Apple TV+ a success?

Wed, 2019-03-27 06:30

I’ve seen numerous celebrities in the audience at Apple events over the years, but Monday’s event at the Steve Jobs Theater was different. Captain America himself, Chris Evans, was in the audience. (I just missed him, but I think I spotted Tim Robbins talking to Apple’s Eddy Cue.) On stage were plenty of famous entertainment-industry faces, from directors like Steven Spielberg and J.J. Abrams to actors like Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon. Even Oprah was there.

This was an Apple event unlike any other, and for many different reasons. There wasn't any new hardware or software to speak of, for one, and such a concept would’ve seemed impossible for Apple even a couple of years ago. Stranger still, the event was aimed as much at the entertainment industry as at the people who buy Apple’s products—but then, Apple waded into some pretty strange waters when it became a full-fledged movie and TV producer.

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Samsung SmartThings Hub (2018) review: Samsung’s smart hub finally goes wireless

Wed, 2019-03-27 06:00
The third-generation SmartThings Hub is equipped with the latest in ZigBee and Z-Wave technology, and it no longer requires an ethernet cable to join your home network.

The best smart home devices that work with Alexa

Tue, 2019-03-26 22:01
Amazon’s Echo smart speakers are most powerful when paired with third-party smart home hardware. These products earned our highest raitings.

Apple's 'It's show time' event: Apple TV+, Apple News+, Apple Arcade, Apple Card, and your hot takes

Tue, 2019-03-26 19:32

In the latest episode of the Macworld Podcast, we have a long chat about Apple's March 25 "It's show time" event. For our feature discussion, we pick apart all the services announced during the event: Apple TV+, Apple News+, Apple Arcade, and the Apple Card. In our two-minute tip, we'll show you how to add a Shortcut to your iPhone's home screen. We'll also discuss hot takes from our audience. This is episode 645 of the Macworld Podcast with Jason Cross, Leif Johnson, and Mike Simon.

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Apple updates Shortcuts app with Notes access and other new actions

Tue, 2019-03-26 15:05

Hot on the heels of the iOS 12.2 release, Apple has updated its handy Shortcuts app to version 2.2. 

The update adds several new actions, the most prominent of which is the ability for Shortcuts to work with the Notes app. There are now actions for Create Note, Append to Note, Find Notes, and Show Note. This is going to make both the Shortcuts app and the Notes app a lot more useful.

The Shortcuts app is a free download, but isn't pre-installed on iOS devices. If you're interested in it, we suggest checking out our list of the most useful Shortcuts.

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Apple TV+ needs a better hook if it expects us to pay for it

Tue, 2019-03-26 12:07
Apple TV+ will have couple dozen exclusive movies and shows, but still needs a raison d'être.

Apple Card vs Citi, Chase, and Capital One: Is Apple's new credit card as good as it seems?

Tue, 2019-03-26 11:30

Apple might not be turning into a bank, but it wants to handle your money. But while we heard a lot about financial health, interest rates, and fees on the stage during Monday’s announcement of the Apple Card, the hard numbers behind Apple's new cash-back rewards credit card built on top of Apple Pay were notably absent. Though Apple made quick references to zero fees and cash-back percentages while taking digs at other cards, much of the reveal focused on simplicity, security, and ease of use.

Apple trumpeted the Apple Card as a counter to competing credit cards that offer point-based rewards for things like miles and gift cards, but it's not like the Apple Card is completely unique in offering cash. Several other credit cards offer similar cash-back benefits too. So where does the Apple Card differ? We dug into the nitty-gritty details of cash-back percentages, interest rates, and fees and crunched the numbers to see how the Apple Card will stack up against the most popular cash-back cards out there.

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Start streaming in luscious 4K HDR with the Roku Streaming Stick+ for one of its lowest prices yet

Tue, 2019-03-26 11:18

Whether you're new to the streaming game or just want to boost your existing setup, Roku offers some of the best streaming devices on the market. And today, you can grab the fully loaded Roku Streaming Stick+ for $49 on Amazon, down from a list price of $60.

This compact plug-and-play streamer comes with all the power of Roku built in, so you'll be able to access a huge lineup of streaming services all from one device. An intuitive included remote makes it easy to navigate through Roku's user-friendly interface, while 4K and HDR capabilities offer solid visuals for the services that support such lofty levels of eye candy. In addition, you can use your phone as a remote with the Roku app, and use it to cast content, control with your voice, and even plug in your headphones for private listening.

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Apple's services event laid the groundwork for a long and difficult transition away from the iPhone

Tue, 2019-03-26 10:10

As it turns out, it’s not time to play the music or light the lights. It’s not time to put on makeup or dress up right. It’s not actually “show time” at all.

Apple unveiled several services at its star-studded event Monday, and they all have one thing on common: they’re not ready yet. The only service that’s available to try out this month is Apple News+, and a quick scan of the titles available reveals that the majority of them haven’t been formatted to take advantage of the Apple News Format, so you’re basically getting PDFs. As far as the other services Apple announced, you’re going to have to wait:

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