COSC 5P74 Evolutionary Computation

Winter 2013
Department of Computer Science
Brock University

Instructor: B.M.Ombuki-Berman   Office:J307, office hrs: TBA


To provide a broad introduction to the field of Genetic algorithms and other fields of Evolutionary Computation and related sub-areas from the field of swarm intelligence.
To teach students how these paradigms exploit biological processes in nature to solve problems from various domains. The course is suitable for students preparing for
research in Evolutionary Computation, as well as other students who want to apply Evolutionary Computation techniques to solve problems in their fields of study.

Assigned Reading:

There will be no main text. Assigned reading will be available online and at the library's reserve reading desk. Various useful texbooks and journal articles will be used.


Assignments (3) 30%
Project 25%
Term Test 20%
Seminars & Participation 20%
Seminars & Participation 5%


The assignment are meant to augment the topics covered in class by providing you will practical applications of evolutionary computation strategies.
All assignments are implementation based and hand-in will include a scientic report based on the IEEE format. Unless otherwise stated by the instructor: all assignments must be done entirely on your own.

Late Submission Policy

Unless otherwise stated, late assignments will be 25% penalty up to 3 days past deadline. Thereafter no assignment will be accepted.


The format and details of the end of term project are provided in class.


Each student will present a seminar on topics in evolutionary computation and related areas from swarm intelligence.
A list of suggested topics will be available, but you may choose a topic not on this list. As soon as you have chosen your topic, please let me know so that I
announce it to the rest of the class. Furthermore, provide me with a copy of the paper you will be discussing a week prior to your seminar date so that I can avail to the rest of the class. Further details on seminars will be discussed in class.

Lecture Notes

Copies of some the lecture material will be available to you. However, not all the lectures will have electronic notes hence the students should be ready to take notes insides the lecture at any required time.

Further Comments