Brock Strongly Typed lilgp Kernal for Win32


by Ramon Lefuel
Download Brock Strongly Typed lilgp Kernal 0.5.4 for Codewarrior
Note: This version of Adam Hewgill's bstlilgp kernal will only operate under a win32 system, as the unix specific libraries <sys/types.h> and <sys/stat.h> have been edited out of this edition. The original unix version of this program can be found here.

Download TiffLib-v3.6.1
Note: This download is optional and is not required for the functionality of bstlilgp. It is provided as an example for 3rd party library support in bstlilgp (both unix and win32 versions). Students interested in tiff image analysis and/or creation may find this particular library useful. An installation program of the most recent version of TiffLib can be found here.


General Setup:
Create a new directory for your workspace, and place the packages listed above into their own sub-directories (i.e. bstlilgp-0.5.4-win32 and tiff-v3.6.1).

If you are using any 3rd party libraries, you need to copy the dll files into your root system directory. For example, the tiff-v3.6.1/bin directory contains 3 dll files. To use this library, you must copy them into your windows/system directory.

In any version of Codewarrior, ensure the following:
  1. Create a new C console project. Ensure that the root working directory of your new project is placed alongside bstlilgp and your 3rd party libraries.
  2. For organizational purposes, create 4 new groups in your file structure - Headers, bstlilgpHeaders, bstlilgpSource, and 3rd Party Libraries.
  3. If you are using TiffLib or any other 3rd party library, make sure you add the applicable lib files into your project under the "3rd Party Libraries" group. The main library for TiffLib, libtiff.lib, can be found in ../tiff-v3.6.1/lib.
  4. In the bstlilgpSource group, place all the *.c files found in ../bstlilgp-0.5.4-win32/kernal, with the exception of ev_none.c, ev_time.c, and ev_times.c. See the lilgp user manual for more details on these files.
  5. In the bstlilgpHeaders group, place all the *.h files found in ../bstlilgp-0.5.4-win32/kernal, with the exception of ev_none.h, ev_time.h, and ev_times.h. See the lilgp user manual for more details on these files.
  6. Your app.c, function.c, and related source files will be placed in your Source group, while app.h, function.h, appdef.h, and related header files will be placed in your Headers group. A fully functional working example of these files can be found in ../bstlilgp-0.5.4-win32/app/anttype. Copy the contents of this directory into your project directory to test the functionality of the kernal.
  7. Adjust the following project settings (usually done via the "edit" menu): Under Runtime Settings, type "-f input.file" in the Program Arguments field. Under Access Paths, check "Always Search User Paths". If you are using a 3rd party library, add the path locations of where the <include> files are found to your "User Paths" section. Leave your "System Paths" section alone. For Tifflib, the <include> files can be found in ../tiff-v3.6.1/include.
  8. If you are using 3rd party libraries, you need to include the header file into lilgp.h. Open lilgp.h from your lilGPHeaders group and include the name of the library header (i.e. #include <tiffio.h>).
  9. Run your program. Codewarrior will likely report some warnings, but compile without errors. The anttype example program should execute with no problems and generate great results.
Note: If your version of codewarrior does not allow you to add more than 32 files, simply remove all *.h header files from your project. Header files are only there for your convenience, but your project must include all source files and libraries.

Codewarrior Project files:
Note: As an alternative to the step-by-step procedure listed above, you may download pre-made project files from the list below. Select the version of codewarrior you have and extract the files to your working directory where bstlilgp-0.5.0-win32 is located. If you've renamed the kernal's directory to something else, you need to alter the project's Access Path properties accordingly, then re-import the kernal. TiffLib is not supported in these project samples.
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