Brock Strongly Typed lilgp Kernel

Current version: 0.5.0 Alpha

Compiled by:  Adam Hewgill


Adam Hewgill
Cale Fairchild

This kernel is an update to "Sean's patched lilgp kernel", by Sean Luke, which in turn is an update to the
original "lilgp genetic programming system", by Zonker and Punch of MSU GARAGe.

Currently this version of lilgp is unfinished because the supporting documentation has not been updated to
reflect any changes made since the original version from MSU.  Eventually both the changes by Sean Luke
and by Brock will be merged into the documentation along with many other improvements over the
original version targeted at new users of lilgp.

Here is a report on the changes made to this kernel (Word Document DOC, Adobe Acrobat PDF)

You can download the kernel here (*NIX systems only)
There are currently no plans to create a windows version of the kernel.


This software is provided AS IS with no warranty at all.  If any problems occur
the authors are not responsible or liable in any way.  For the complete licence see
the file in the package labeled LICENCE.

Enjoy :o)

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