Genetic Programming Implementations

This list of GP implementations was originally from genetic programming on Wikipedia. I copied it here, since it kept disappearing from the main article.

Please feel free to send me any updates.

Possibly most used:


Implementation Description License Language
Pyvolution Very modular and very extensible evolutionary algorithms framework, with complete documentation Apache License 2.0 Python
BraneCloud Evolution Fork of ECJ for .NET 4.0 Apache License C#
RobGP Robust Genetic Programming System GNU GPL C++
EvoJ Evolutionary computations framework Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License Java
JEF JAVA Evolution Framework GNU Lesser GPL Java
GPC++ Genetic Programming C++ Class Library GNU GPL C++
TinyGP A tiny genetic programming system. C and Java
GeneXproTools Commercial gene expression programming software for logistic regression, classification and regression Proprietary C++
GenPro Reflective Object Oriented Genetic Programming. Open Source Framework. Extend with POJO's, generates plain Java code. Apache License 2.0 Java
deap Distributed Evolutionary Algorithms in Python GNU Lesser GPL Python
pySTEP Python Strongly Typed gEnetic Programming MIT License Python
Pyevolve Modified PSF Python
JAGA Extensible and pluggable open source API for implementing genetic algorithms and genetic programming applications Java
RMIT GP A Genetic Programming Package with support for Automatically Defined Functions C++
GPE Framework for conducting experiments in Genetic Programming .NET
DGPF simple Genetic Programming research system Java
JGAP Java Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming, an open-source framework Java
n-genes Java Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming (stack oriented) framework Java
PMDGP object oriented framework for solving genetic programming problems C++
DRP Directed Ruby Programming, Genetic Programming & Grammatical Evolution Library GNU GPL Ruby
GPLAB A Genetic Programming Toolbox for MATLAB MATLAB
MOEA Framework Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithm Framework GNU LGPL Java
GPTIPS Genetic Programming & Symbolic Regression Toolbox for MATLAB. Aimed at performing multigene symbolic regression. GNU GPL MATLAB
PyRobot Evolutionary Algorithms (GA + GP) Modules, Open Source Python
PerlGP Grammar-based genetic programming in Perl GNU GPL Perl
Discipulus Commercial Genetic Programming Software from RML Technologies, Inc Generates code in most high level languages
GAlib Object oriented framework with 4 different GA implementations and 4 representation types (arbitrary derivations possible) GAlib License C++
Java GALib Source Forge open source Java genetic algorithm library, complete with Javadocs and examples (see bottom of page) Java
LAGEP Supporting single/multiple population genetic programming to generate mathematical functions. Open Source, OpenMP used. GNU GPL C/C++
PushGP a strongly typed, stack-based genetic programming system that allows GP to manipulate its own code (auto-constructive evolution) Java / C++ / Javascript / Scheme / Clojure / Lisp
Groovy Groovy Java Genetic Programming GNU GPL Java
GEVA Grammatical Evolution in Java Java
jGE Java Grammatical Evolution GNU GPL v3 Java
ECF Evolutionary Computation Framework. different genotypes, parallel algorithms, tutorial C++
JCLEC Evolutionary Computation Library in Java, expression tree encoding, syntax tree encoding GNU GPL Java
HeuristicLab A Paradigm-Independent and Extensible Environment for Heuristic Optimization, rich graphical user interface, open source, plugin-based architecture C#
GPdotNET Codeplex open source project for modeling and optimization based on Genetic programming. LGPL C#
PolyGP Strong typing and lambda abstractions Haskell
PonyGE a small, one source file implementation of GE, with an interactive graphics demo application GNU GPL v3 Python
inspyred Biologically inspired computation encompasses a broad range of algorithms including evolutionary computation, swarm intelligence, and neural networks GNU GPL v3 Python
MicroGP (uGP) General purpose tool, mostly exploited for assembly language generation GNU GPL C++
DCTG-GP Grammar-guided GP using logic-based attribute grammars Prolog
EO Evolutionary Computation Framework C++ with static polymorphism C++
Eureqa/Formulize GP based Symbolic Regression Commercial Not Open source
Watchmaker Framework Genetic Computation Framework Apache License 2.0 Java

Last updated: September 9, 2013.

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