COSC 4P98 Seminars

Seminars information

Each seminar is 25 minutes total (including 5 minutes for questions).
A Powerpoint or PDF presentation should be used.
The presentation should include a bibliography of sources used.
The PDF or PPT file must be given to me before a grade is assigned.

Marks allocated as follows: (Total=10)

Date and topic assignment is first-come-first-serve!
(Note: If you change your topic, your time slot will be moved
to the earliest day available.)

Please see the topics list for some general topic areas.

Scheduled seminars

Friday November 24

  1. Music Recognition and Neural Networks (Guangyao Chen)
Wednesday November 29
  1. Psycho-acoustics (Nathan Vandyken)
  2. Speech synthesis (Joey Roorda)
Friday December 1
  1. Algorithmic Music Generation using Recurrent Neural Networks (Jeff Yang)
  2. Adaptive Game Music (Alex Lawrence)

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