Brock University --Department of Computer Science

COSC 4P13 -- Operating Systems Design and Implementation


Every student have to prepare a 15 minutes PPT presentation of a specific topic using the research papers listed below All other students are expected to read the papers too so everybody can participate in the discussion following the presentation. Here are some hints how to read and evaluate a research paper. Below is a list of the papers and the presenters.

Tue Nov30
  1. Threads cannot be implemented as a library, Hummel
  2. Cooperative Task Management Without Manual Stack Management, Izekulova
  3. Why Threads Are A Bad Idea, Kamzic
  4. Why Events Are A Bad Idea, Kar

Thu Dec 02
  1. Ceph: A Scalable, High-Performance Distributed File System, McCarney
  2. A Low-Bandwidth Network File System, Stremler
  3. Practical, Transparent, Operating System Support for Superpages, Wheeler