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COSC 4P13 - Operating Systems Design and Implementation

Fall 2010 Course Outline

Instructor:	J A. Barchanski  (Office: J311)

Prerequisites: COSC 2P13 and COSC 2P91 (minimum 60%)


T, R   15:30 - 17:00, MCA 241


The purpose of this course  is to study design and implementation of operating systems, on examples of different 
versions of the UNIX  operating system. 

Course contents:

1. Introduction.
2. Process and Kernel
3. Threads and ligthweight processes.
4. Signals.
5. Process Scheduling.
6. Interprocess communications.
7. Multiprocessors and synchronization.
8. File system interface and framework.
9. File system Implementation	
10. Distributed file systems.
11. Advanced file systems.
12. Device drivers and I/O.
13. Streams.


1. Main text: 
UNIX Internals : The New Frontiers, by Uresh Vahalia, 
Prentice Hall, 1996
2. Referenced:
Operating Systems : Internals and Design Principles, W. Stallings, 4th Ed, Prentice Hall;
Advanced programming in the UNIX environment, Richard W. Stevens, 
Addison-Wesley, 1992;
Practical UNIX programming : a guide to concurrency, communication, and multithreading,  Kay A. Robbins and Steven Robbins. Prentice Hall PTR, 1996;

Marking scheme:

Assignments:  20%
In-class tests: 60% (19/10 and 23/11)
Seminars: 15%
Participation: 5%


1. There will be  25% penalty for late assignments and 100% after the  "late" date.
2. The Department views plagiarism as a serious issue.  Students are directed to the
   discussion on plagiarism on the Department's  home page, under Department Policies.     
3. In order for an assignment to be marked, a completed and signed cover page must be
   attached to the outside of the envelope containing the assignment.
4. Re-marking of assignments must be requested, in writing, stating clearly the 
   reasons for the request, within 7 days of the results being posted--complete the
   Re-Mark Request Form. Marks not queried within this period will be considered final. 
5. If you miss a test or an assignment due to an illness, you must submit the completed
   official form within 3 days of the illness, to the main office in the Computer 
   Science Department (J314).    
6. The last date for withdrawal from this course without academic penalty is Friday,          
   November 5, 2010. 
7. The participation component of the marking scheme requires attendance and participation 
   in the seminars.

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