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COSC 4P13 - Operating Systems Design and Implementation - Fall 2010

Assignment #4

Due: 16th of November 2010, 3:30 pm in the class and to the directory
Late : 19th of November 2010, 1:00 pm to the secretary

Modify the original program of Assignment #2 (generating chain of processes) to protect its critical section. You may use for that the Linux specific semaphore operations or the SVR4 semaphore operations (adopted by Linux as one of its IPC and described in the man pages for ipc).
Extensive description of SVR4 (POSIX) semaphores operations is provided in the book "Practical Unix Programming" available on the library reserve.
Your program should proceed as follow:

Submit hardcopy of your program listing and examplary outputs for different number of processes to the instructor in the class. Copy your executable files interactively from your assignment directory to the course directory on Sandcastle using command submit4p13.

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