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2P99/3P99/4F90 Guidelines

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Faculty Research Interests

Most successful student projects arise from discussions between students and faculty. Please peruse this list of computer science faculty home pages to learn more about their research. You are encouraged to contact them to discuss possible project ideas.

COSC 3P99 / 4F90 Project Proposals

Below is the list of available proposals for computer science project courses. You may adopt one of these projects as your own, or you may use their ideas to conceive your own proposal. As discussed above, you should also contact faculty members in person to discuss project ideas, as most available projects are not included on this list.

bullet 2D Pattern Matching Software
bullet 3D Video Image Software Program for Sediment Thin-Sections
bullet A Diagram Expert System
bullet A Partial Evaluator for Genetic Programming
bullet Automatic Software Configurer
bullet Camouflage and Object Recognition
bullet Communications Protocol for Distributed NMR Data Acquisition
bullet Evolving Board Game Evaluation Functions
bullet Flying Through a Block of Wood
bullet Hot-Plugging and Re-Distributing the Load on-the-fly
bullet Modelling of Macroeconomic Phenomena
bullet New Tools to Support the Collective Creation of History
bullet New Topographies for History
bullet Object  Identification and Classification
bullet Visual Narration: A 3D Authoring Tool

Prospective Students
Undergraduate Students

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