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COSC 4F00: Team Organization and Membership

Fall 2017 Instructor: Vlad Wojcik mail.gif (1189 bytes)

darkDot.gif (501 bytes)INSTRUCTIONS:

Please save this form (in the HTML format), edit it as appropriate and e-mail it back to your instructor for posting on the course website. Propose your team organization model and briefly describe it below. Scroll down for the suggested team member roles. Replace that text with the roles suitable for your team, reflecting your talent mix. Describe briefly these roles / responsibilities.

NOTE: If you have vacancies on your team but have already defined team organization and individual roles, e-mail your instructor the incomplete form. Such incomplete posting on the Web (with some names missing) will act as recruitment tool.

TEAM # : <XX>: <Team Name Here>
Surname Given Name(s) Primary Role Backup Role Contact Info
    Team Leader --  
    Deputy Leader Team Leader  

darkDot.gif (501 bytes)TEAM ORGANIZATION:

Replace this purple text with brief description of the team model adopted. You may use one of the lectured models. You may also propose your own model, based on lecture material. Your modifications are subject to instructors' approval.

darkDot.gif (501 bytes)THE ROLES: (Please modify as appropriate):

Team Leader: Is also the Chief Designer / Programmer. S/he is the chief technical manager, responsible for Analysis & Design, Change Control, Data Control, Reviews, Modeling, User Documentation, writes critical components, assigns work to others.

Deputy Leader: Is the deputy of Team Leader, assists her/him in the assigned duties. Understands everything and is ready at any time to take over as the Coordinator.

Test Leader: Acts as test designer and implements major tests. Responsible for System Testing, Acceptance testing, Site Testing. Understands everything and is ready at any time to take over as Deputy Coordinator.

Test Programmer: Collaborates with Test Leader in developing test suite.

Technical Librarian: Cares for the Development Support Library; is a full team member, Prepares inputs, runs software, files outputs, files versions of S/W and files documentation (both hardcopy and in machine-readable form).

Technical Writer: Assists Team Leader in preparing the necessary documentation, reports, user manuals, etc.

General Programmer: of needed specializations: GUI, DBMS, testing, etc. Responsible for detailed design, coding, component testing, integration testing, program documentation.

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