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COSC 4F00: Team 5: Solutions for Stuttering

Fall 2017 Instructor: Vlad Wojcik mail.gif (1189 bytes)

Surname Given Name(s) Primary Role Backup Role Contact Info
Varsava Alexis Team Leader --
Crane Tyler Deputy Leader Team Leader
Trivedi Aditi Test Leader Deputy Leader
Knight Weston Technical Librarian General Programmer

darkDot.gif (501 bytes)PROJECT BRIEF:

Stutter Support is an Android app written for COSC 3P99 which addresses key issues with retaining adolescents with stuttering in speech therapy. Adolescents often disengage with speech therapy, and this disengagement can lead to complications from stuttering, including mental disorders. Stutter Support addresses these issues by offering bright and interactive exercises which appear like app games, which is a format adolescents are familiar with. Adolescents respond well to positive reinforcement and peer support: Stutter Support utilizes this by offering encouragement and congratulations, and by integrating with the existing social media networks on the users phone.

To expand Stutter Support, Solutions for Stuttering will be improving the quality and variety of exercises available in the app, the depth of the activity tracking system and social media integration, and the quality of experience on multiple devices. These improvements will provide value to the adolescent users, as well as their parents, teachers, and speech therapists.

darkDot.gif (501 bytes)TEAM ORGANIZATION:

Our team will be managed using the Agile development methodology, to ensure continued focus and communication within the team. Test-Driven Development will be utilized to guarantee code stability and clarity of component interaction. There will be a focus on test automation to accelerate the development process.

darkDot.gif (501 bytes)THE ROLES:

Team Leader: Is also the Chief Designer / Programmer. She is the chief technical manager, responsible for Analysis & Design, Change Control, Data Control, Code Reviews, Modeling, User Documentation, writes critical components, assigns work to others.

Deputy Leader: Is the deputy of Team Leader, assists her in the assigned duties. Understands everything and is ready at any time to take over as the Coordinator.

Test Leader: Acts as test designer and implements major tests. Responsible for Unit Testing, Integration Testing, & System Testing. Understands everything and is ready at any time to take over as Deputy Coordinator. Will work closely with Team & Deputy Leaders to ensure tests are available for general programmers to move forward.

Technical Librarian: Cares for the Development Support Library; files documentation (both hardcopy and in machine-readable form) and assists with tracking issues and source changes.

Technical Writer: Assists Team Leader in preparing the necessary documentation, reports, user manuals, etc.

General Programmer: of needed specializations:

Responsible for detailed design, coding, source code documentation, writing tests ect. Will implement program features according to interfaces agreed upon by the team, to ensure component compatibility and tests passing.

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