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Brock University
Department of Computer Science

COSC 4F00: Team 4: tree_ROOT

Fall 2017 Instructor: Vlad Wojcik mail.gif (1189 bytes)

Surname Given Name(s) Primary Role Backup Role Contact Info
El Badaoui Abdul Team Leader --
Verrier Bradley Deputy Leader Team Leader
Forbes Harrison Test Leader Technical Writer
Roepke Richard Test Programmer Technical Librarian
Williams Christopher Technical Librarian General Programmer
Robson Brian Technical Writer Test Programmer
Rossi Lukas General Programmer Deputy Leader

darkDot.gif (501 bytes)PROJECT BRIEF (MedHelp):

The variety of medical health facilities can make it hard to understand where one should go to receive certain services. We plan on creating a program that will use your location and the services you require to run through a heuristic that determines the best medical facilities for your needs. Seeking help can be a very big issue for some people so having a guide to where they should go can help them receive the services they require. Additionally, we hope to partner with hospitals, walk-ins, and other medical centers to obtain wait times in real-time. This would allow users to determine which facility to utilise given the distance to the location and how long they would be required to wait before obtaining service. The combination of convenience and accessibility will provide users with an easier experience. Depending on the time we have and how we decide to advance, there are some functionalities we would like to add in time. These include appointment management, medication tracking, private practice registry, a rating system for the medical centers, allowing direct access to the user’s phone and calendar, Hospital side updating of key information to allow for more accurate data, provincial and or federal approval and integration, and health insurance recognition to improve the filter.

darkDot.gif (501 bytes)TEAM ORGANIZATION:

Adaptive Software Development

darkDot.gif (501 bytes)THE ROLES:

Team Leader: Is also the Chief Designer / Programmer. S/he is the chief technical manager, responsible for Analysis & Design, Change Control, Data Control, Reviews, Modeling, User Documentation, writes critical components, assigns work to others.

Deputy Leader: Is the deputy of Team Leader, assists her/him in the assigned duties. Understands everything and is ready at any time to take over as the Coordinator.

Test Leader: Acts as test designer and implements major tests. Responsible for System Testing, Acceptance testing, Site Testing. Understands everything and is ready at any time to take over as Deputy Coordinator.

Test Programmer: Collaborates with Test Leader in developing test suite.

Technical Librarian: Cares for the Development Support Library; is a full team member, Prepares inputs, runs software, files outputs, files versions of S/W and files documentation (both hardcopy and in machine-readable form).

Technical Writer: Assists Team Leader in preparing the necessary documentation, reports, user manuals, etc.

General Programmer: of needed specializations: GUI, DBMS, testing, etc. Responsible for detailed design, coding, component testing, integration testing, program documentation.

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