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Brock University
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COSC 4F00: Team Organization and Membership

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Surname Given Name(s) Primary Role Backup Role Contact Info
Luke Javon Team Leader Application Architect
Joun Katherine Documentation Manager Sub-team AI Lead
Roper Jason Application Architect Sub-team Networking Lead
Hamilton-Morley Ashley Test Lead Subteam User Interface Lead
Shaw Alex DevOps Documentation Manager
Adam Caverhill Sub-team Programmer Test Lead

darkDot.gif (501 bytes)PROJECT BRIEF:

There are many variations of poker and Texas Hold Em is the most popular in North America. Many people still do not know how to play though and others do not have access to training bots to increase their skill. Texas Hold Em can also be played casually amongst a group of friends but that is not always possible based on distance or a lack of playing cards. Our web based application can solve those problems by connecting players of far distances to a table and having them face one another in either a competitive or casual environment and all without the fear of betting real money. The application will also give users the opportunity to learn how to play poker so that users experience the game of Texas Hold Em.

Texas Hold Em is not only a very popular version of poker but it provides our youth and elders a safe environment where they are able to evaluate their options and make decisions based on those options. Texas Hold Em incorporates bluffing which can teach strategic skills that are able to be applied to other areas of life. For these reason a Web based Poker Texas Hold Em game is a valuable idea that will be completed by our development team.

darkDot.gif (501 bytes)TEAM ORGANIZATION:

Being within the stages of infancy, the development team Poker Face is unsure of the complexity of the components that will need to be developed. Due to this fact we have decided to make use of the prototyping paradigm within the Evolutionary Process model. This enables our team to develop increasingly more complete versions of the software over time, while additionally providing assistance to our team and our stakeholders in understanding what will be built.

The modified team roles are to delegate ownership and responsibility for individual features across team members according to their preferred field. Team members will work under the sub-team lead when their work affects the domain of the sub-team lead. Each team member will have a primary Management or Sub-Team Lead Role and a secondary Sub-team Programmer Role.

Managment Process Model: Evolutionary Process Model-prototyping paradigm

Management Roles

Team Lead: Responsible for setting goals, deciding on features, and management of the overall direction of the project
Application Architect: Responsible for the overarching software design, the software stack and the project wide coding guidelines. Decides on each sub team’s component, and manages interactions between them.
Documentation Manager: Responsible for all outward facing documentation, guides, and information. Guarantees that developed software is following documentation guidelines, as well as assisting The Team Lead and Architect produce formalized documentation for the stakeholder.
Test Lead: Guarantees that each individual module has proper test coverage, and responsible for ensuring bugs are properly addressed by the sub-team leads. The Test lead also interacts with the Team Lead and Architect to identify usability issues and other outward facing problems.
Deployment/Integration/DevOps/Sysadmin: Manages deployment tools, systems, and deployed software. Organizes file versions of S/W and files documentation(both hardcopy and in machine-readable form).

Developer Roles

Sub-team Lead (ie AI Lead, Networking Lead, Interface Lead): The subteam leads are responsible for the delivery of their assigned component. They identify tasks that need to be completed, current issues, and guarantee that their component functions with the other aspects of the application.
Sub-team Programmer: Responsible for implementing features and solving issues delegated by the Sub-team Lead.

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