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Brock University
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COSC 4F00: Team 1: No Code No Life

Fall 2017 Instructor: Vlad Wojcik mail.gif (1189 bytes)

Surname Given Name(s) Primary Role Backup Role Contact Info
Chang Toby Team Leader --
Li Tianhong Deputy Leader Team Leader
Chen Guangyao Test Leader General Programmer Leader
Chen Xuhao General Programmer Leader Test Leader
Zhang Tianyuan General Programmer Test Programmer
Wu Jiachao Test Programmer General Programmer

darkDot.gif (501 bytes)PROJECT BRIEF (STELOG):

Have you ever found yourself having a hard time making new friends or meeting new people when you just moved to a new city? Then you are not alone. According to, social anxiety disorder (SAD) are affecting 15 million adults or 6.8% of the U.S population. In addition, numerous of people around us, occasionally even ourselves, feel that having distress making new friends, meeting new people, and networking with strangers. STELOG aims to use the standard grounds shared between individuals using the application to initiate and bridge the gap in their social interaction.

darkDot.gif (501 bytes)TEAM ORGANIZATION:

The team will implement Extreme Programming (XP) practice (One of the Agile Practices). There are four major parts within XP, which including planning, design, coding, and testing. Also, our team role design considered the idea if "pair programming", which will greatly reduce the time of team communication. Team leader and deputy leader will oversee the whole process, and they will play a major role during planning phase. Then General programmer leader and general programmer (pair programming) will be responsible for design and coding phase, while test leader and test programmer (pair programming) will practice unit testing and acceptance testing in.

darkDot.gif (501 bytes)THE ROLES:

Team Leader: Is also the Chief Designer and Programmer. He is the chief technical manager, responsible for Analysis & Design, Change Control, Data Control, Reviews, Modeling, User Documentation, writes critical components, assigns work to others.

Deputy Leader: Is the deputy of Team Leader, assists him in the assigned duties. Understands everything and is ready at any time to take over as the Coordinator. Deputy leader will also assist Team Leader in preparing the necessary documentation, reports, user manuals, etc.

Test Leader: Acts as test designer and implements major tests. Responsible for System Testing, Acceptance testing, Site Testing. Understands everything and is ready at any time to take over as Deputy Coordinator.

General Programmer Leader: Of needed specializations: GUI, DBMS, testing, etc. Responsible for detailed design, coding, component testing, integration testing, program documentation. Also, cares for the Development Support Library; is a full team member, Prepares inputs, runs software, files outputs, files versions of S/W and files documentation (both hardcopy and in machine-readable form).

General Programmer: Collaborates with General Programmer Leader in developing software.

Test Programmer: Collaborates with Test Leader in developing test suite.

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