COSC 3P98 Computer Graphics

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Instructor: Brian Ross (bross @
Lecture: 9:30-11:00 Wed and Fri, ST 107
Office hours: 11-12 Wed and Fri (or when door open)
TA: Eric Chen (

Course info


  1. Introduction
  2. OpenGL
  3. 2D scan conversion
  4. Mesh surfaces
  5. Computational geometry
  6. 2D and 3D Transformations
  7. 3D Perspective
  8. Visible Surface Determination
  9. Illumination

  10. Textures
  11. Ray Tracing (also see: RayTracing.pdf)
  12. Animation
  13. Misc: hardware, etc.

    (lectures below subject to updates/revisions...)

  14. Light
  15. Fractals
  16. Splines

Supplemental material

Textbook reading

Read the sections that are relevant to lecture material.

Computer Graphics with OpenGL (Hearn, Baker):

OpenGL Primer (E. Angel)

Assignment programming information




Adding sound to games?


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