COSC 3P98 Computer Graphics

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Instructor: Brian Ross (bross @
Lecture: 2:00-3:30 Mon and Fri, PL 409
Office hours: 11-12 Mon, Fri (or when door open!)
TA: Stephen Tkachuk (steve.on.the.moon @
Consulting hours: Go to help desk (J328).

Course info


  1. Introduction
  2. OpenGL
  3. 2D scan conversion
  4. Mesh surfaces

    (lectures below subject to updates/revisions...)

  5. Computational geometry
  6. 2D and 3D Transformations
  7. 3D Perspective
  8. Visible Surface Determination
  9. Light
  10. Illumination
  11. Textures
  12. Ray Tracing (also see: RayTracing.pdf)
  13. Animation
  14. Fractals
  15. Splines
  16. Misc: hardware, etc.

Textbook reading

Read the sections that are relevant to lecture material.

Computer Graphics with OpenGL (Hearn, Baker):

OpenGL Primer (E. Angel)

Assignment programming information




Adding sound to games?


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