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Mech Movie by Geoffrey Dunne

AnimationLarge.wmv (23Mb)


With a great love of battletech and always loving the few but good animations for battletech out there, the choice for the animation was obvious. For those that do not know, battletech (or its computer games it spawned Mechwarrior) is a very in-depth story (there are almost 100 novel’s and many source books describing the universe) set at the 3000+ year mark where the galaxy has been colonized and many wars have raged for centuries bringing humans back to a technology level not to far from what we have today. The Main icon of Battletech is the large scale Battlemechs which are a robot piloted by humans for war. For a more in-depth look at battletech, and I highly recommend it, take a look at www.classicbattletech.com. For out purposes, we just need to know space travel is normal, and Battlemechs are the main weapons of the time, used in on going battles.


In the short animation we see a group of 3 Jump ships with there fighters launched, moving along with there solar sails in place. Generally I battletech jump ships remain near he sun once the jump into a system, so if they are on there way to a planet its obvious they are picking a fight. We then Move to a scene of a HuverTank moving around a small but heavily defended military base including 9 Mechs, Overlord Class drop ship (egg thing) and a few gun platforms defending it. The next view is of a Hover Camera which moves around the base searching for any potential threats that have entered the base. In this view we even get to see the hover tank that was being viewed from leave the base. The last scene that is cut to shows a shot of the base a distance off, with no apparent movement, just a quiet afternoon. All of a sudden there is a fast strike from orbit and the base just disappears, which sinks relay well with the chosen music “in the end” by Limpkin Park. The idea of this is that sometimes in military situations, there is not much you can do, no matter how much preparation you do and how well you set up your defenses, someone probably has or will have a bigger gun.


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