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Symbol Composed Music

The composed background music is La Bamba. Music was composed by Los Lobos, Brian Setzer and Marshall Crenshaw. Actually, La Bamba was a Columbia movie that showed at 1987. Although it was a classic music, it contained full of rhythm and harmony that was quite suitable for my animation. In case you have interest of this background music, here is the lyrics:

Soundtrack : La Bamba (1987)

* Bala bala la bamba
Bala bala la bamba
Sene setI unabo care gracia
Unabo care gracia
ParI pati, y' arriva, y' arriva
(Y' arriva, y' arriva, pote sarac, pote sarac)

Yno suay manee nero
Yno suay manee nero
Suay capitan, suay capitan, suay capitan
Bam, bam, bamba, bam, bam, bamba
Bam, bam, bamba, bam, bam
(Repeat *)

Bam, bam, bamba...(fade)


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