COSC 3P98 Animations - 1998

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All works are Copyright © of the respective authors.

Too Much

Mpeg (4.6 Mb)
Copyright © 1998 Michael Fair and Luis Veci.
Tools: 3D Studio MAX, Fractal Design Poser.

The Rebel's Revenge

Mpeg (4.8 Mb)
Copyright © 1998 Sean Thompson and Scott Konkle.
Tools: Alias PowerAnimator.

Warped Effects

Mpeg (3.7 Mb)
Copyright © 1998 Adhanom Tewolde and Rex Santos.
Three large snapshots: one, two, three.
Tools: Alias PowerAnimator.


Mpeg (2.4 Mb)
Copyright © 1998 Fred Mueller.
Tools: Hash 3D Animation

Irritable Robot

Mpeg (4.2 Mb)
Copyright © 1998 Salman Bhayani and Nakadaira Nobuyuki.
Tools: Alias PowerAnimator.

Distorted Reality

Mpeg (5.5 Mb)
Copyright © 1998 Eric Sneek and Nick Markovic.
Tools: Alias PowerAnimator.

Bowling Disaster

Quicktime (2.8 Mb)
Copyright © 1998 Mark Hoenig and Jeff Arnold.
Tools: Alias PowerAnimator.

Life's Nexus

Quicktime (2.1 Mb)
Copyright © 1998 Andrea Wiens and Thaya Siva.
Tools: Alias PowerAnimator, Rhinoceros Beta.

Resurrection of Frosty

Quicktime (1 Mb)
Copyright © 1998 Heide Fernandez-Llamazares and Dan Creamer.
Tools: Alias PowerAnimator.

Nothing Good on TV!

Quicktime (4.7 Mb)
Copyright © 1998 Cynthia Black and Geoff Stephenson.
Tools: Alias PowerAnimator, Silly Space, Kai's Power Tools.

The Attack from Mars

Quicktime (1.2 Mb)
Copyright © 1998 Darren Swart and Glen Cripps.
Tools: Alias PowerAnimator.

Friday Night at the Fights

Quicktime 3.8 Mb)
Copyright © 1998 Rob Cavasin and Kaizaad Bilimorya.
Tools: Alias PowerAnimator.

The Temple of Ares

Quicktime (4.5 Mb)
Copyright © 1998 Scott Nelson and Vincent Roy.
Read more about this production here.
Tools: Alias PowerAnimator, Poser, Kai's Power Tools, Photoshop.

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