COSC 3P98 Animations - 1995

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All works are Copyright © of the respective authors.

The Last Battle

Mpeg (4.6 Mb)
Copyright © 1995 C.H. Lin, H. Chiang, D. Tan.
Tools: Softimage (animation, modeling), 3D Studio (modeling).

Ed the Allidile

Quicktime (4.7 Mb)
Copyright © 1995 M. Andrei, T. Boldt, R. Holierhoek, J. Roach.
Tools: Softimage.

Room Race

Mpeg (1.8 Mb)
Copyright © 1995 M. Formisano, B. Olmsted, M. Pryzmant, A. Tewolde.
Three fractals used in Room Race: one, two,three.
Tools: Softimage, Kai's Power Tools.


Mpeg (2 Mb)
Copyright © 1995 P. Vrhovsek, V. Tucakov, T. Debat S. McAmbley.
Tools: Softimage (animation, modeling), Bryce (textures).

Future Flight

Mpeg (5.3 Mb)
Copyright © 1995 K. Hockin, N. Michaels, S. Rikhi, R. Weber.
Tools: Softimage, Adobe Photoshop.

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