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COSC 3P95: Team Project

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Within a team of three persons, each students is given an opportunity to work on an embedded programming project.


Within a team of three persons, hack into the sensor design for LEGO MINDSTORMS, and create a package containing the necessary drivers for the sensor of your choice (excluding the touch sensor). The LEGO Hardware Developers KIT (HDK) is made available to you courtesy of Mr. Dan Chandler, who fished it out from LEGO Support web pages.

Due date and time: Monday, 02 Dec 2013, 4 PM.


Both hardcopy (paper) and electronic submission is required. The workings of your system should be demonstrated to your TA.

Hardcopy submission: Your team submission envelope with the standard Cover Page should contain all relevant printouts and supporting documentation, demonstrating your design and flawless behaviour of your software. The envelope should be dropped in the submission box on or before deadline date / time.

Electronic submission: Please create a directory on Sandcastle and place within it all the files (and only the files) to be submitted. To submit issue the command submit3p95, which is interactive in its nature. Obviously, you are allowed to submit your work only once. Should you encounter difficulties, please report them to your TA.

Similarly, the electronic submission should be performed on or before deadline date / time.

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