Third Lab


COSC 2P89 WebStorm Lab 2

For your lab you are to get acquainted with the basic operation of the application WebStorm in relation to facilitating uploading of your web pages to sandcastle. The student on duty at the help desk will assist you with the following tasks if you require assistance. It is useful to gain familiarity with the program so that you will be able to more quickly develop web pages and web sites and be able to deploy them on sandcastle. Please note that ALL course work submitted for evaluation must reside on sandcastle. Develop on your home computer or elsewhere but the final resting place must be sandcastle.

For this lab you should work on your web pages from previous labs using WebStorm, move them to sandcastle, and then view then with a web browser from sandcastle.

If you need assistance in any of the tasks consult with the student on duty at the help desk.

  1. Start up the WebStorm program and open a Project you created in the previous lab.
  2. Now to associate the project with sandcastle.
  3. Go to the Tools menu, choose Deployment and the Configuration item
  4. Give a name to the deployment.
  5. The Type should be set to SFTP
  6. The SFTP host will be and the port should be the default of 22.
  7. The root path will be /home/std/youruserid/public_html, for example /home/std/ab12xy/public_html
  8. Enter your userid for the User name and your sandcastle login password leaving the Auth type as Password.
  9. The Web server root URL should be, such as ab12xy
  10. Then invoke the Test SFTP connection button to ensure all is well.
  11. If you do not get a successful test then double check your settings and try again.
  12. Now click on the Mappings tab.
  13. The local path will reflect the location on your computer where the project files are stored
  14. The deployment path should be of the form /. When you upload files they will be stored within your public_html directory
  15. Finally click on the Use this server as default button.
  16. Then click OK.
  17. Next invoke the Browse Remote Host item in the Deployment menu item under tools.
  18. This will show your files on sandcastle in an area on the right hand side of the window.
  19. If you completed the first lab you will see the file or files you created, such as first.html.
  20. You can create a new file in your project or copy a file from sandcastle to your project by simply dragging from the right hand side to the project on the left side. You can drag files to and from sandcastle from and to your local project.
  21. You can also copy the entire project to and from sandcastle. Become familiar with the various techniques in copying files and folders.
  22. In order to make changes to a file in your project double click on the file name and the file content will apear in the middle of the window.
  23. You can also copy a project file and paste it at which time you will need to provide a new name for the pasted file. This is handy to allow you to experiment with adding tags and attributes to the copy without disturbing the original file.
  24. Note that once you associate a project with sandcastle, previewing the file in a browser will do so from sandcastle rather than your local copy. So if you make local changes and then preview you won't see the changes until you upload to sandcastle. If you have a project that is not associated with sandcastle you will be previewing the local copy.
  25. In addition note that if you make local changes and move to sandcastle you will need to have saved the changed file before uploading.
  26. You can also upload to sandcastle by clicking on the Tools menu, then Deployment, and the Upload to item or use right click to invoke the Upload option or drag the saved file from the project file area to the sandcastle file display on the right side.
  27. Use this lab as an opportunity to try out various tags and attributes before proceeding to the first assignment that will be available next week.
  28. NOTE: Keep in mind that ALL assignments, including the final assignment, must be stored on sandcastle for proper assessment during the term so make certain you are comfortable with sandcastle. Doing your work elsewhere and then encountering difficulties in porting it to sandcastle will not be a means of getting an externsion.

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