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Assignment 2
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Date due: Monday, Nov. 6, 2017, 4:30 p.m.
Accepted late until Wednesday Nov. 8, 2017, 4:30 p.m., subject to a 25% penalty.

For this second assignment you will focus on using styles to visually enhance your first assignment web site.

To start, make a copy of your entire assign1 directory and name the new directory name assign2. Do not make any chnages to the files in the assign1 directory. You will only make changes and add files to the assign2 directory. As you will also be providing styles you must only use external style files and place them in a sub-directory of assign2 named css or a css directory within public_html.

You will need to add at least 2 more pages of content to your site and you may also modify the content of the pages copied from the first assignment. The additional pages will be related to your chosen content base on the first assignment site. If you did not use a form in assignment 1 you must do so in this assignment.

As mentioned the styles you create should be stored in one or more external style sheet files. The styles you create would typically be used across multiple pages or portions of the pages of your site to provide for some degree of visual consistency (where appropriate) in the rendering. In other words it should be relatively clear by visiting the various pages that they are visually similar and belong to the same site. Of course there may be portions of a page that are visually different but the idea is not to deliberately make each page look different but to adopt a common visual theme. You may use fonts from third parties, such as google, if you find something thwat is visually pleasing.

You are encouraged to make use of styles you encounter or research on the internet that help produce a pleasant site such as or or others you encounter. However if the source you are interested in using also utilizes Javascript or any other web technoogy you may not use it or the portion that requires such a technology. Restrict yourself to CSS only. You are also encouraged to use or similar types of sites to learn about and explore style choices and properties you might find useful. The styles should fit naturally according to the HTML 5 elements you have deployed in your pages and should reflect them in your layout. You will most probably want to deploy a grid of some sort in your layout and these sites can assist with implementing this type of organization. You will want to use the float property and most likely the position property to assist with your layout design. It would be advisable to sketch out the look you are trying to achieve with your layout. You should experiment with various padding, margins, fonts, backgrounds, etc. Visiting various web sites, appreciating the look that has been achieved, and attempting to come up with something similar is encouraged as is investigating the CSS used in such sites. The only constraint on using externally-sourced styles is that they must NOT include the use of Javascript or another web technology. For any resources you decide to use you must incorporate a link in your footers to a page referencing the sources of the styles you have chosen to use.

Ideally your site would render consistently with all major browsers, however for the purposes of assignment evaluation the Chrome and Firefox browsers (reasonably current versions) will be used. Your HTML code should also be validated with as HTML 5 and also XHTML 1.1, although the XHTML validation will result in errors, but only errors associated with the newer HTML 5 elements. In other words although HTML 5 is required, do not avoid the syntactic requirements of XHTML. In addition also has a CSS validator at Your CSS file(s) should validate against CSS 2.1 or CSS 3.

The actual layout of the web pages is of your choosing. Your visual organization and appearance will form part of the evaluation of the assignment. The layout of your HTML code should conform to some reasonable structure of indentation to make it easier to read. In addition you should use a consistent text layout for your CSS code. There will be some component of the marking associated with the look of the code.

In order to provide an action for your form you should use or depending on the method you chose although the actual method chosen is not pertinent.

Your grade will be based upon the structure, the implementation, the use of the various html elements, as well as the quality of the styles and the effort used in creating the site and its look.

As noted your web pages must be kept organized in a directory named assign2 that exists within your public_html directory. You will also have an Images directory, either within assign2 or within public_html. Finally your style file or files should be organized within a css directory.

NOTE1: You are NOT allowed to use Javascript or any other web technologies in this assignment.

NOTE2: You must password protect your site using the htaccess method that will be covered in class.

NOTE3: Your site must be stored on sandcastle. We will NOT consider or evaluate any site that is external to sandcastle. NO exceptions!!

Assignment submission: READ THIS!!

Submissions should be made in accordance with the assignment guidelines and not in violation of the regulations on plagiarism.

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