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Assignment 1
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Date due: Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2017, 11:30 a.m.
Accepted late until Thursday, Oct. 19, 2017, 11:30 a.m., subject to a 25% penalty.

Web sites exist for a number of reasons. One of the reasons, and certainly how the web was first conceived, is to use it to disseminate information (content) in a pleasant and organized fashion - the hypertext concept in an internet network setting.

For this first assignment you will focus on laying out a basic web site using HTML 5. You will provide some basic content consistent with the HTML 5 structure. Note that style sheets and other advanced topics are not permitted for this assignment. The site you prepare will consist of from 3 to 5 HTML 5 web pages. The pages will be suitably linked in accordance with the specific content as you have designed it. You should look at the sections for wireframes and storyboarding in Chapter 5 from the text for layout ideas. Do not concern yourself with robots.txt, colour schemes, and other topics in that chapter at this time.

The topic for this web site is to be chosen by you. Presumably you will choose a topic of interest, such as a hobby or a family genealogical initiative, or general or specific field of interest. The pages you prepare must all be related in some way to your chosen topic. Keep in mind that by choosing a topic that interests you, rather than something arbitrary, you will be more inclined to take pride and spend more time on "perfecting" it. Also note that the second assignment will require you to develop more content and to incorporate styles and visual enhancements for the site.

The site you produce must use a reasonable number of both block and inline elements, such as covered in class and the text, but must do so in as natural a fashion as is possible. You should also consult or similar types of web sites for information regarding other HTML 5 tags and attributes. You may also utilize non-deprecated tags and attributes that have not been covered in class or the text and are encouraged to research other tags. The idea is to focus on the organization and semantic structure through the use of the various html elements. The site you produce will utilize the HTML 5 semantic elements to reflect your organization, realizing that there will be no special visualization as that would normally be reflected by the use of styles. Note that any tags or attributes that are deprecated are not to be used. You will easily find lists of deprecated tags and attributes with a net search. It is expected that you incorporate images, lists, and tables as part of your content along with other text-related tags.

You should download any images you encounter that you wish to utilize. These should be in an Images directory rather than referencing the images externally. Externally referenced images might be moved, thus "breaking" your site. For this assignment you are permitted to use the align attribute as discussed in class with the img tag to be able to provide a bit of a visual boost.

Ideally your site would render consistently with all major browsers, however for the purposes of assignment evaluation the Chrome and Firefox browsers (reasonably current versions) will be used. Your code should also be validated with as HTML 5 and also XHTML 1.1 although the XHTML validation will result in errors, but only errors associated with the newer HTML 5 elements and perhaps errors associated with the DOCTYPE, or align attribute (if you use it) or <meta> and <html> tags. In other words although HTML 5 is required, do not avoid the syntactic requirements of XHTML other than noted.

The actual layout of the web pages is of your choosing. Your organization will form part of the evaluation of the assignment. You should utilize the HTML 5 structural elements described in class and the text. The code should also conform to some reasonable structure of indentation to make it easier to read. There will be some component of the marking associated with the look of the code. You should also include html comments in each html file identifying the author, creation date, course, and assignment.

Your grade will be based upon the structure, the implementation, the use of the various html element, compliance with xhtml syntax, as well as the effort used in creating the site. Given the inability to use deprecated tags and styles the actual look of the site will not be a part of the assessment, only the organization.

Your web pages must be kept organized in a directory named assign1 that exists within your public_html directory. As mentioned you will also have an Images directory, either within assign1 or within public_html. You are encouraged to use WebStorm for maintaining your site files organized into a project. This will assist you when assignment 2 is assigned.

NOTE1: You are NOT allowed to use Javascript or CSS or any other web technologies in this assignment.

NOTE2: You are advised to sketch out the organization of the site based on your chosen topics before you consider any implementation. You will save a lot of time in implementation if you adopt this approach. Keep in mind that the most effective web sites are well organized and do not overwhelm the viewer.

NOTE3: You must password protect your site using the htaccess method that will be covered in class. The link here provides the pertinent details regarding the .htaccess file and the corresponding password file.

NOTE4: Your site must be stored on sandcastle. We will NOT consider or evaluate any site that is external to sandcastle. NO exceptions!!

Assignment submission: READ THIS!!

Submissions should be made in accordance with the assignment guidelines and not in violation of the regulations on plagiarism.

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