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Fall 2017


This course covers the concepts and practice necessary for creating Internet content. The course provides a technical overview of the Internet environment and the structure of the World Wide Web. The technical segment will focus on the design and implementation of an effective web site at the introductory level..Topics include HTML, CSS, Javascript, DOM, PHP, SQL databases.


Prof. David McCarthy: Office J322
Email: <-- Note address
Office Hours: TBA
Lectures: Wednesday, Friday 3:30-4:50PM, AS 215 


The Missing Link: An Introduction to Web Development and Programming (Open Textbooks SUNY)





Course Work % of Final Mark
Midterm Test: Wednesday, Oct. 25, 2017 in class 25%
Assignments - 4 30%
Final Project: Due: Thursday, Jan. 4, 2018 4:30PM 45%



*** Assignment remarking requests only available in the first 7 days after marked assignments are available for pickup.

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Important Notes

  1. All correspondence to students is emailed to the sandcastle email accounts of students who are registered in the course. It is vital that you check your account for messages regularly. If you do not receive an introductory email message from the course instructor by the end of the second week of classes, you should verify that you are registered in the course. Students are responsible for regularly reading their email and checking for updated documents posted on the COSC2P89 course web pages.
  2. Assignments will be available on-line through the links above. Assignments will be due at the times specified in the assignment and will be accepted late until the indicated date/time, subject to a penalty of 25%. After this late date, a mark of zero will result.
  3. Marked assignments will be returned to students via room J330 during the times posted on the door. Students will be notified by email when marked assignments are ready to be picked up.
  4. Assignment remarking requests only available in the first 7 days after marked assignments are available for pickup.
  5. The Department of Computer Science requires that all assignment submissions be accompanied by a signed cover page. This cover page and submission instructions are obtained via the web. The Department of Computer Science views plagiarism very seriously. It is important that each student become familiar with the Department's view of plagiarism. Links to these policies are provided via the cover page.