Computer Organization &
Assembly Language

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An introduction to assembly language programming and computer architecture. On successfully completing this course, the student should understand the general principles of data representation, digital logic, machine language programming, the different types of instructions and addressing schemes, and the internal architecture of a von Neumann-type digital computer.


Prof. David McCarthy: Office J322
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Lectures: Thurs 12:30-1:50PM, Fri 2-3:20 Th 243


Introduction To Computing Systems (2nd Ed) - Y.N.Patt, S.J. Patel (McGraw-Hill)

o Introduction
o Bits, Data Types, and Operations
o Digital Logic Structures
o von Neumann Model
o LC-3 Overview
o Low Level Programming
o Assembly Language
o I/O Handling
o TRAP Routines and Subroutines
o Stacks

Powerpoint Slides

Assignment 1

Assignment 2

Assignment 3

Assignment 4

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LC-3 Tools

LC-3 Simulators Mini-Guide

LC-3 Examples


Assignments (3 @5%, 1@10%) 25%

Test In Class (Friday, October 20, 2017 2:00-3:20pm) 30%

Final Exam (Friday, December 15, 2017 7-9pm Beddis Gym) 45%

Late Penalties:
Late assignments will be accepted up to 3 days after the due date subject to a 25% penalty.

1: To pass this course, it is necessary to obtain a minimum of 40% on the final examination.

Note2: Any suspected plagiarism will be dealt with harshly in accordance with departmental guidelines as outlined on the Computer Science web site. The page to visit is here.

Note3: All assignments must include a computer science cover page.