Introduction to Computer Science

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An introduction to computers and computer programming in a high-level language (currently Java).
Topics include computer fundamentals, problem solving, software development, programming language syntax & semantics.
More details are provided in the outline below.

Prof. David McCarthy: Office J322
Office Hours: TBA.
Tuesday, Th 243 2-3:20 PM
Thursday, WH 324 2-3:20 PM

Introduction to Programming Using Java (7th Edition), David J. Eck.
Note: This is a free online textbook and may be freely printed.

A Java IDE (integrated development environment)
The preferred choice is Dr. Java, freely available from this link.

o introduction, hardware,software, algorithms, languages
o Java, syntax, comments, identifiers, variables
o primitive types (byte, short, int, long,float, double, char, boolean)
o other types (boolean, String)
o assignment statements, expressions, operators, operator priority
o conditional execution (if, switch)
o simple repetition (while, do ... while, for)
o concept of nesting
o structured statements (blocks, while, do ... while, for)
o classes, subroutine calls, methods
o parameters
o objects, abstraction, constructors
o 1-dimensional arrays
o 2-dimensional arrays
o String processing

Class Examples

Class Notes

Assignment 1

Assignment 2

Assignment 3

Assignment 4

Assignment 5

Assignments (5) 30%

Mid-term Test (Thursday, March 1st, in class) 25%

Final Exam (Monday, April 23rd, 9-11 AM) 45%
The final examination will follow normal university examination procedures.

Important Notes

  1. ALL correspondence to students is emailed to the Brock email accounts of students who are registered in the course. It is vital that you check for messages regularly. If you do not receive an introductory email message from the course instructor by the end of the second week of classes, you should verify that you are registered in the course. Students are responsible for regularly reading their email and checking for updated documents posted on the COSC 1P02 course web pages.
  2. A mark of at least 40% on the final exam is required to achieve a passing grade in this course.
  3. Late assignments will be accepted up to 3 days after the due date subject to a 25% penalty.
  4. Remarking is restricted to one week from the day the assignments or tests are available for pickup.

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